Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wedding Update (Long Post Ahead!!!)

I saw this post over at Cool by Association a little while ago and thought that would be a great way for me to get my head around what I need to get done for our wedding. So I am going to be a blatant copy cat and use her post to help me out. So here is a little wedding update for you guys.

The Venue
Albert River Wines is the gorgeous venue where we are having our wedding. It is absolutely stunning and has a little bit of history for us. We used to drive past this winery every time we went out to Corey's house (when he was living with his parents) and I would always point it out and say how pretty it was. So when we visited it and realised it was event more pretty up close we realised it was the perfect spot for our wedding.

Hair & Makeup

My makeup is being done by a friend of a friend. I had my make up trial back in May and loved it! My makeup artist is such a sweetheart. I can't wait to have her do my makeup on my wedding day. Her business is Embellished Makeup Artistry. Check her out! She is based in Brisbane but travels to the Gold Coast as well. My hair is being done by Di's Hair Design which is based in Mt Tamborine. I have my hair trial this weekend.

Bridal Attire
The dress was purchased in London when we went over there in March. It is currently hanging in a wardrobe at my mum's house with my 2 petticoats. My shoes which are from Wittner are also sitting at my mum's house waiting to be worn. I have also put some earrings on layby at Wallace Bishop which are stunning! I will post pics when I get them off layby. The only thing I need to buy for me is something to wear in my hair (I am not doing a veil but still want something) and some underwear.

Bridesmaids Attire
The bridesmaids are going to be wearing dresses made by my mum. She is using the Eclair pattern from Colette Patterns. She is currently in the middle of making the practice dress which if it turns out ok will become one of the girls dresses. Knowing my mum and her skills it will turn out perfect! The girls shoes are all organised and were bought from Forever New.

Grooms & Groomsmen Attire

The boys suits are being hired. Corey went and tried his on and booked and paid for it about a month ago. I am not sure if all the boys have been to hire their suits yet. I need to check with them on that. We went with a grey slim cut suit. It is gorgeous! We also got ties from the same place that perfectly match the material we are using for the girls dresses.

The Rings

Both our rings are on layby at Wallace Bishop waiting to be paid off and picked up.

The Photographer

Engagement Photos
Our amazing photographer is Michelle Stewart. She also took our gorgeous engagement photos. I have not doubt that the wedding day photos are going to be just as amazing!

The Flowers

We organised our flowers quite some time ago now. I am having carnations! I really liked the idea of peonies but carnations are just as beautiful and cost a lot less.

The Celebrant

Our celebrant is a lady who works with my mum and she is fantastic! She is so funny I think it is going to be a great ceremony. We currently working with her on the layout and structure of the ceremony.

Lolly Buffet

Lolly Buffet
The lolly buffet is so close to being finished it isn't funny! All our vases have been bought and we already have the layout of the lolly buffet organised. Next week one of my bridesmaids is coming over to help me make all the noodleboxes. Then all we have to do is buy lollies and its all done.

The Cake

Rose Icing

The cake is again being made by my mum. I am so lucky to have a mum who can help me out in so many ways. We are having a cupcake tree with a top tier cake for cutting. We are going to have chocolate mudcake, caramel mudcake and vanilla cupcakes. They are going to be in yellow cupcake cases with pink rose icing. Mum has already started practicing the icing. She is pretty good! The one above was her first try.

The Invitations

The invitations have been ordered and I have been told they will be ready to be picked up tomorrow so I will probably go grab them Saturday morning before my hair trial. I will take some pics for you then.

To Do List

Buy something for my hair
Send invitations
Buy cupcakes cases
Organise a cake stand
Order place cards
Make tables numbers
Buy gifts for bridesmaids & groomsmen
Make noodleboxes & buy lollies
Make Lolly Buffet Sign
Make Guestbook Sign
Organise seating plan
Organise music
Make doily cones for rose petals
Make reserved signs
Organise some stuff for the kids room.

Okay so sorry for such a long post but this is really so I can get my head around what has and hasn't been done so I can stop stressing out. There are quite a few things on the to do list but most of them are simple things that I will be able to knock over quite easily. So now I turn to you for a little help. Is there anything I have missed? If so please let me know. My number 1 cause of stress about this wedding is that I have forgotten to do something.


  1. Looks like you're a very organised bride! Love those shoes...

  2. For the lolly buffet you should check out Tom's Confectionery Warehouse it's in Brisbane (I work across the road from it)
    The website doesn't have everything they stock but you get an idea.

    It might save you some money if you're buying bulk lollies. They pretty much have every kind of lolly you can think of.

    Everything sounds so amazing! You've done so well organising everything. :) x x

  3. Hooray for carnations! I had them in my bouquet too, they're just gorgeous.

    You look like you're on track lady. Nice work!

  4. you're so organised Kat - it's going to be an amazing day, you have such lovely taste! I really wanted peonies too but the season was wrong, I went for pink lilies instead.

  5. Oh my GOODNESS. Kat, this looks like the event of the century. I'm sure your friends and family will be talking about this for eons afterwards and every single one of them will be saying it was the lovliest wedding they've ever attended! Fabulous work!!

  6. About a hundred years ago (actually I exagerate, only 15) my cousin got married at Albert River Wines, it is a stunning, stunning location and the service was remarkable. Have a beautiful wedding day (looking forward to the blog posts....)


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