Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Teepee Time!

 Before we get too far into the new year I wanted to share a couple of things that I made for Christmas. First up is Imogen's main present that I made, a teepee!

To say that I am happy with how this turned out would be the understatement of the century.  I have been thinking about making this for a long time so I have built it up in my mind.  Usually when I do that the final outcome is a bit of a letdown.  In this case though I was pleasantly surprised!

The main fabric is a decorator weight fabric from Spotlight.  I used a basic cotton poplin for the pink portion and added some gold rope to tie the posts and as ties on the doors.  I really love this colour scheme.  Pink, black and gold is just perfection!  When we move Imogen into a big bed I want to give her room a makeover using this teepee as a starting point.

Luckily for me Imogen also loved her teepee.  She crawled straight into it and sat inside drinking her bottle.  I think I would called that a gift making success!

The best part of the teepee is that it can be collapsed and packed away when not in use.  Ideally I would like to have it up in her room permanently.  I am thinking of making a pink cushion to go inside and making it into a bit of a reading nook.  One day!

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