Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Watermelon Surprise Ensemble


I am so freaking excited to finally be able to share this outfit with you guys.  I got the idea for this outfit a few days before Christmas.  I bought the watermelon fabric from Spotlight a while ago and was always planning to turn it into a skirt but when I was going through my pattern stash before Christmas I decided to do something more.  This project is not, as you might assume, a skirt a top.  No my friends!  It is a skirt.................and a jumpsuit!!!


Oh yeah! Isn't that the most awesome thing ever.  When I was going through my pattern stash before Christmas I came across this pattern and I realised that this watermelon fabric had to be paired with a green jumpsuit.  I was so excited to make it that I made Corey take me to Spotlight straight away so I could grab the green linen.  I cut into it as soon as I got home and started sewing.  Obviously, the sewing got put aside for Christmas day and while we went to Melbourne.  But as soon as I got home I picked it up again.  I finally got around to finishing it all last week and had planned to get Corey to take photos on the weekend.  But as I am sure you would have seen on the news we were hit by an horrendous amount of rain and gloom so I couldn't get any till this afternoon.

50s watermelon circle skirt 50s watermelon circle skirt

This watermelon print is just too much fun!  It might possibly be a little too kiddish but I love it anyway.  And so what if I am a grown woman wearing a bright pink watermelon print skirt.  I love it!  I used green buttons for a bit of contrast.  I love the green/pink combo.  I actually saw a really cool crochet blanket in green & pink the other day that I want to recreate.  But that is getting a bit off topic.  I also used the leftover green linen to make the pockets for another pop of colour.


The jumpsuit is just as cute by itself as it is with the skirt.  I actually think I will get more wear out of this by itself rather than with the skirt.  It is just so summery and fun and I can't go past a good jumpsuit.  Plus I don't really love how it gets all bunchy at the top when paired with the skirt.  But that is the only downside to this outfit.  Everything else I love so I can deal with that!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (4/52)

This week has been a really creative week for me.  There has been a lot of knitting, crocheting, sewing and baking which has made me really happy.  I am always in my element when being creative!  It's my favourite way to spend my days.  Here are a few peeks at what has made me happy this week.

52 weeks happy week 4

1 - Organisation makes me happy! At the start of the week I cleaned out my sewing room and reorganised everything.  It is so fresh and clean now it just makes me want to get in there and create something.

2 - Imogen makes me happy! We had Imogen's first swimming lesson last week and she did so well.  We have been practicing getting her used to water over her head every night in the bath and she is doing really well.  I am so excited to see how she grows in these classes through the year.

3 - Spotlight makes me happy! I took a quick trip to Spotlight last week and there was some gorgeous new fabrics.  It inspired me to get home and sew the fabrics I already have so I can go out and buy more.  I always try to knock off the projects in my list before buying more fabric.

4 - Knitting makes me happy! I knit my first ever swatch this week.  I am hoping to knit myself a cardigan that I will actually wear.  I have knit myself a couple of cardigans before but they never turn out right and end up getting thrown out.  Fingers crossed this is the one that works out!

5 - Pink makes me happy!  Especially since we are quite close to February the month of love.  It is getting me all excited for Valentine's Day.

6 - Finishing projects makes me happy!  This project I started a few days before Christmas and I am so happy it is all finished.  Now that the rain is all gone I should be able to get some photos to share this with you this week.

7 - Finishing long dreamt about projects for the house makes me happy!  I shared this lattice frame and a couple of other finished projects yesterday.

8 - Floral dresses make me happy! Bright dresses and cardigans are the best way to make a rainy day sunny and happy.

9 - Helping others makes me happy!  Yesterday I whipped up some gingernut cookies and chocolate slice and dropped them into our local SES station for the volunteers helping out with the floods.  This is all a party of baked relief.  If you want to take part you can find more information here.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I don't know if I mentioned it on here but the house we rent was recently sold.  It sold just before Christmas and we were told the new owners would like us to stay.  Last week we signed a new lease and now that it is definite we are going to be here for at least another 12 months I feel a bit more comfortable making more projects to turn our house into a home.  I think in the past year this house has really started to reflect out style and feel more homely but there is still a lot more I would like to do.  So today I thought I would share with you the last three projects I made for the house.

crochet bobble pot holder crochet bobble pot holder

First up is this adorable bobble crochet holder that I made to add to our cluster wall in the kitchen.  It is yet to be hung as I need to get some more 3m strips but it'll be up shortly.  I have never crocheted bobbles before and they are so much easier than I expected.  Plus the end result is super cute!  I used this pattern and yarn from the stash.  The best part of this is you need such a small amount of each colour that it is the perfect way to use up all those leftover bits of yarn.

Knit Lattice Frame

The second project I made was a quick knit lattice frame to hold my brooch collection.  It has been a while since I have knit anything since crochet has taken over my life so it was nice to pick up the needles again.  This project has been in my ravelry queue since July 2011 so I am happy that I finally got around to making it.  This lattice pattern is another one that looks harder than it really easy.  The pattern repeat is quite easy once you have done a couple so you can just sit and pump it out while watching tv.  The pattern can be found here.  Oh and this is not my whole brooch collection I just didn't want to hide the entire lattice pattern before I took pictures.

We Go Together Print We Go Together Print

And last but certainly not least is these framed prints that I made to hang over our bed.  I am so over the blank wall above our bed and have had this idea for a while but only just executed it.  The line that I have framed is from my most favourite movie Grease.  The only bad thing about it is every time I look at it I start singing the song.  So the song has been stuck in my head basically for a week straight.  But I am so happy with how these look above our bed that I am willing to sacrifice a little of my sanity!

I have so many more ideas for our little house and I can't wait to see how much the house changes in the next 12 months.  Oh and excuse the dodgy photos.  The weather here has been rather gloomy and rainy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Printable House Rules Artwork

Have you all seen those house rules artworks that are floating around the blogosphere and the shops?  I have seen a few that I like in the shops but they are all massive and expensive.  After seeing a few at ridiculous prices I realised that I could easily make one myself.  However, as with a lot of stuff that I want to make for the house it got put off again and again.  Finally last week I sat down during one of Imogen's naps and got to work.

house rules yellow

I mixed together a few other hour rules artworks that I had seen by picking out the rules that really spoke to me and that I felt would be important in life.  The hardest part of making this was deciding on a background colour.  But I eventually settled on the yellow because it is so happy and cheery.

House Rules Artwork

It is now hanging  in our entryway and I think it looks perfect there.  I am so glad I got around to doing this.  In fact, I am so happy with how it turned out that I made it into a few other colourways in case any of you would like to download and print one too.

house rules artwork house rules artwork house rules artwork
house rules artwork house rules artwork house rules artwork

The print will fit a standard 8 x 10 inch frame.  All you need to do is pick the colour you would like and click on the link below.  Then print, frame and hang as you desire.  I hope you like it and if you do hang one in your room be sure to send me a picture.

House Rules BlueHouse Rules YellowHouse Rules PinkHouse Rules Purple,
House Rules OrangeHouse Rules Black

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (3/52)

This week has been a busy week and a slow week all the same time.  We didn't leave the house very much at all but I had a lot to do around here.  I completely cleaned nearly every room in the house and tidied all my drawers.  It's sad how happy it makes me to have newly cleaned drawers and house.  But some more exciting things are also bringing me happiness this week.
happiness week 3
From top right clockwise -

1 - Pink explosion outfits.  I wore a vintage dress I picked up in Melbourne for a lunch date with my work friends.  I couldn't resist going all out on the pink front.  A perfect way to brighten any day!

2 - Learning new hairstyles with the help of lovely bloggers and their tutorials.

3 - Putting together a piece of ikea furniture all by myself without Corey's help for the first time ever!  And no tears or tantrums as well.  Plus the lovely red colour is added a pop of happy to our dining room.

4 - Saturday night dinner dates with my two favourite people.

5 - I love a bit of colour coordination so of course I had to wear my new blue dress to the baby shower on Sunday to match my giftbag.

6 - The first time Imogen has been for a swim and not cried.  She actually went for two swims that day and loved them both.  This gives me high hopes for her first swimming lesson on Wednesday.

So what has been making you happy this week?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Handmade Gifting

This past week I did a little more gifting of the handmade variety and it was so much fun!  I love making gifts for people and I love watching them receive something that I have put so much effort into.

Angry Bird Pig

The first gift I made was an angry bird pig for my work friend who had a birthday last week.  A few of us girls got together to buy her some gifts but when I saw this pattern I couldn't resist making on to add in.  I am so glad I did because she loved it!  She is a major angry birds fan so this was the perfect thing for her.

Angry Bird Pig

I used this pattern available on ravelry and obviously didn't look at the finished measurements before I started because I didn't realise how big it would turn out.  It ended up being about 5 inches tall.  Despite it's size it was a super quick make.  If you sat down and knocked it out in one go you would probably be able to make it in just a couple of hours.

sparkie the robot crocheted toy sparkie the robot crocheted toy

The next two gifts were both made for my cousin's little boy who is due in 4 weeks.  They had a pool party/baby shower yesterday and it was the perfect way to spend a hot sunday afternoon.  The first gift I made was a crocheted robot using this pattern.  I was so happy with how this turned out.  Corey loved it too and he was a bit bummed when he found out I was giving it away.  He wants me to make another for Imogen.

Monster Lovey Blanket

I also made this little comforter blanket thing to go with the robot.  I was flicking through ravelry when I spotted this pattern and thought it would be the perfect thing to accompany the robot.  This was also a quick make.  The only issue I had was the skip stitch blade I used cut the holes too close together so when I crocheted through them they tore.  Instead I measured around my piece of fleece and made pen marks at my desired interval.  I then used a knitting needle to poke holes at each of the points then I just continued on as the pattern said to.

Monster Lovey Blanket

How can you resist that little face! Isn't it just the cutest. My cousin was pretty impressed with the presents so hopefully his little boy is as well.  I am so excited for him to arrive and to finally meet him.  It feels like his girlfriend has been pregnant forever because they told us quite early.  Stay tuned and within a month or so I should have some cute newborn pics to share.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crossing The I's

Today I finally got around to updating our cluster wall with a couple of extra items.  I am so happy with the new additions and am already dreaming up more things to add to the wall.

Cluster Wall

A few weeks after Imogen was born we picked up an I to add to the wall but the poor thing has sat in my sewing room waiting ever since.  Last night I finally got around to making it and hung it this morning.

Imogen's I

These letters are super easy to make.  I use paper mache letters from Spotlight which are about $3 each.  Then all you need is a piece of scrapbooking paper and some coordinating paint.  First I painted all the sides of the letter and let it dry overnight.  I then traced around the letter onto a piece of scrapbooking paper, cut out the paper letter and paste onto the front of the paper mache letter.  From there if you need to you can trim any edges that you need to and hang.

Imogen's I

Now, since I added that to one side of the wall I needed to add something to the other side.  See I have a thing about balance and symmetry.  I had no idea what I was going to make but the minute I saw this cross stitch on pinterest I decided it was just the thing.

Tea Cross Stitch

I first saw this on the lovely Brooke's pinterest page and promptly saved it.  The next day I had some spare time I popped on over to Spotlight and grabbed the supplies.  I doubled the size if the pattern so it would take up more space on the wall.  If you would like to make one too you can find the pattern here.

Tea Cross Stitch

I am so happy with how these both turned out and how our cluster wall is expanding.  I already have ideas for a few more things to add to expand the wall even further.  Stay tuned for those!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pay It Forward

Last year I put a call out on my blog for anyone who like to be a part of my pay it forward.  I had until 30th April 2013 to complete and post my items but I decided to take advantage of my weeks before Imogen was born and get crafting.  I finished all my items but then they sat in my sewing room for a few weeks until I managed get out and buy some extras to send along with them.  I am glad though because I got to send them out just in time for Christmas.  My three girls that I was posting to were Marie, Peta and Megan.  I decided to make them each something different to match their interests.

Marie, I am sure you all know, is a crafting all rounder so I chose to make her gift targeted towards her recent adventures in knitting.  I made her a project bag so that she can take her knitting projects on the go with her.  I also popped in some point protectors and a needle gauge.  I forgot to take a picture of it but the bag had a really cool pink lining.  I really enjoyed making this bag and I may have to make a few for myself!

Pay It Forward

Peta loves fashion and has a lot of vintage influences in her wardrobe so I made her a vintage style bow knot scarf.  I also bought her some matching tights and some flower earrings.  I have had this scarf in my ravelry queue for so long I am glad I got a chance to finally make it.

Pay It Forward

Megan is a sewer through and through so I made her a pin cushion in two of the colours she listed as her favourites (purple & green).  I also popped in some heart buttons and a vintage thread tin.  I love pin cushions. I don't think a sewer can have too many pin cushions.

Pay It Forward

Thank you to the girls for taking part in my pay it forward.  I had so much fun doing it.  It is a lot of fun to make gifts for my blog readers that are tailored to their interests.  I think I might have to do a giveaway along these lines soon.  Keep an eye out for that soon.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy (2/52)

How are we all today?  How has your week been?  Last week was pretty good here considering it was the first week back from holidays.  We are missing Corey now that he is back at work but it is nice to be in our own house again.  Here are a few things that have made me smile this week.

week 2a

Hanging out with my mum and doing a bit of crochet.  My parents have the comfiest couch in the whole wide world and I love snuggling up in the corner with some crochet and chatting with my mum.

Starting my first cross stitch since I was in highschool.  I started this then frogged it so I could make it bigger and now I am very nearly finished.  I can't wait to share it soon.

The first catch up of the new year with my mothers group.  We have developed a lovely group of girls that I met at antenatal class and the midwives clinic who meet up once a week in a local park to chat.  It's so nice to be able to get out of the house and chat to some grown ups!

Freshly picked lettuce from my sister in law's garden.  We just happened to pop in to visit while she was out gardening and were given this little lettuce to take home.

week 2b

Pretty pastel dresses and yellow toenails are the perfect way to brighten up your day!

The day I managed to fit back into my pre pregnancy jeans was probably the best day I had all week.  I was walking on a cloud for the rest of the day after trying these on.

This gorgeous view from the surf club where we were listening to my friend play a few tunes on Sunday afternoon.  It was also pretty cool to be able to take Imogen to listen to my friend play for the first time.  I think she was a fan!

week 2c

I am so in love with our new dining set!  We have been meaning to get one for ages because we have broken a few pieces of ours and others have chips in them.  We were in Target on the weekend and saw this gorgeous set (the first set both Corey & I liked) and to make things even better it was on sale!

Spoiling my little monkey with new clothes is one of my favourite things.  I really need to learn to control myself in kids clothes shops.  The smallness of their clothes and the overwhelming cuteness make it had for me to control myself.

And it is a little bit sad how happy these last two pics make me but I love when everything is tidy and organised.  Yesterday I did a big clean and tidy out of my cupboard and came up with an idea of how to use the empty formula tins I had been hoarding.  I covered them in scrapbook paper and turned them upside down and now they hold my headbands.

So what has been making you happy this week?  Again I am playing along with Little Birdie if you would like to join in.

Monday, January 14, 2013

101 in 1001 Update

I thought it was about time I did an update on how my new 101 in 1001 list is going especially as this is going to be my focus this year rather than completing new years resolutions.  So here is where we are at at the moment.

Start Date - 6th September 2012
End Date - 4th June 2015

101 Completed Items 

Items Completed - 13

          7 - Make Christmas stockings for me, Corey and Imogen - posted here
          11 - Make a jumpsuit/romper for me - yet to be posted.
          14 - Crochet a granny stripe blanket- posted here
          21 - Make homemade fudge - posted here
          25 - Make marshmallows - posted here
          28 - Make whoopie pies - posted here
          31 - Bake a pull apart loaf of bread - posted here
          32 - Bake a decent batch of scones - posted here
          37 - Make cookie mix jars for Christmas - posted here
          38 - Take Imogen to see the Christmas lights - never posted only instagrammed.
          39 - Make an advent calendar - posted here
          45 - Take Imogen to Melbourne - posted here
          86 - Buy glass drink dispensers - these were actually a Christmas present.

101 in progress items 
Items in Progress - 7

          10 - Make myself 20 new dresses (1/20)
          15 - Crochet 10 items off my ravelry queue (3/10)
          18 - Knit 10 items off my ravelry queue (1/10)
          29 - Try 50 new recipes (13/50)
          53 - Have 30 items of handmade clothing in my wardrobe (2/30)
          69 - Take monthly photos of Imogen's first year (3/12)
          88 - Have monthly date nights with Corey (3/34)

So where does that leave me.  Well 130 days have passed since I started my list (not including today) and I have completed 13 items.  So I have 88 items left to complete in 871 days.  That is one item completed every 9.89 days.  I think that sounds pretty doable.  My plan is to pick a few items to focus on for the next month and then try and reevaluate where I am at each month.  I think if I do that I should be able to cross off quite a few items this year.

Friday, January 11, 2013

3 Months

Miss Imogen actually turned 3 months on Wednesday and although I found time to take photos I couldn't motivate myself to post.  I am still dragging myself out of the post holiday funk.  I know I say this every month but I honestly can't believe it has been 3 months.  With Christmas, New Years and our trip to Melbourne the last month has just disappeared.  Imogen has really developed her personality this month.  She chit chats to anyone that will look at her for ages.  She has a lot to say!  I feel like she suddenly looks older as well this month.  When we got home from Melbourne I was looking at her and said to Corey that she looks older.  He of course thinks I am a nutter but her face has changed.  It made me feel really sad because it's the first time I have gotten that feeling that she is growing up and she isn't going to be my little baby for much longer.  It's bittersweet! I am excited to see her grow and change but I am sad that she will one day not be my little baby anymore.  Argh she is only 3 months! It's too early to be thinking like this.