Thursday, June 27, 2013

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Hey there ladies & gents! I hope the weather is a bit nicer wherever you all are.  It's gloomy and grey here today.  I just thought I would pop in with a quick reminder that Google Reader is shutting down next week.  So to make sure you are kept up to date with my new blog posts pop on over here and follow me via bloglovin!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Imogen's Personalised Wall Art

When I first decorated Imogen's room I was going to put her name above her cot.  We never got around to it and the wall looked a little empty.  The other week I got an idea for a piece of wall art to put above her bed instead.

Imogen's Wall Art

It might look difficult but it is super easy.  It is a little time consuming covering the canvas in circles but that is the hardest it gets.  I put together a little step by step below for anyone who might want to give one a go!  You'll need - a canvas, paper mache letter, paint, plain & printed scrapbooking paper, glue & paintbrushes.

Imogen's Wall Art

1 - Using a circle punch make as many circles as you can from your plain scrapbooking paper.  I bought 5 sheets but only used 1/4 of the last sheet.  My canvas was 41cmx41cm.

2 - Glue your circles to your canvas.  I found the easiest way to do this was with a paintbrush.  I just went row by row painting the glue and sticking down circles.  Make sure you always start on the same side of your canvas and work from the bottom to the top.

3 - Paint the edges of your letter with your paint.  You only need to paint the sides as the back and front won't show.  Set aside to dry.

4 - Once dry trace the shape of your letter onto the backside of your patterned paper.  Cut the shape out and glue onto the front of your letter.  Trim the edges of the paper if needed.

5 - Now set both your letter and canvas aside to dry completely overnight.  I did this to make sure the circles were securely adhered to the canvas before sticking the letter on.  The next day glue your letter into the middle of your canvas and your done.

Imogen's Wall Art

Imogen's new piece of wall art is now hanging proudly over her cot.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  Just one tip - if you are hanging this over a bed make sure you secure it properly so it won't fall onto anyone sleeping below.  I use 3M hooks to hang everything around our house and have never had any issues with them coming off.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (25/52)

This week was a big week! I feel like I have managed to get a lot done and it feels like one of my most productive weeks in a while.  It went way too fast though. I always wish there were a few more hours in the week!

1 - I spent some time locking in my plans for Imogen's first birthday.  I have been thinking about her birthday since the start of the year. Yes, I am that crazy mother! But now I have proper plans and can start collecting and making for the big day.

2 - New clothes always make me happy! I have not been shopping anywhere near as much as I used to before I had Imogen.  But coming into the new season it felt like a good time to treat myself.  These little goodies came from ASOS.

3 - Imogen started daycare this week.  I was very nervous about her first day so I booked myself into the hairdressers to distract myself.  I got my foils done again and am finally at a point where I am happy with the colour of my hair.

4 - I also treated myself to a baby free trip to Spotlight!  It is amazing how much more relaxing it is to browse without a baby by your side.  I managed to get everything on my list! I usually always forget something because I am in a rush to get out before Imogen starts to get over shopping.

5 - On Imogen's second day of daycare I had a baking day.  I spent all morning in the kitchen making cake, brownies and cookies.  It was so nice and relaxing. Plus my house smelt amazing!

6 - My scrap fabric quilt is coming along quite nicely too.  I managed to get all my squares cut out and worked out the quilt arrangement.  This weeks goal is to sew all my rows together.

7 - Saturday was my dad's birthday so the cakes I baked were transformed into this tip truck cake.  It was delicious and dad loved it.  For more photos check out my post from yesterday!

8 & 9 - On Sunday we ventured out to the country to place dress ups.  My friend Amy was filming her new video clip and we all got to take part.  It was a fun day!  It was nice to have all our friends together for the day and in such a gorgeous setting.  I can't wait to see the finished video.

I hope you all had a fantastic week!  Did anything nice happen to make you smile?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dad's Tip Truck Birthday Cake

Cake making is something I love!  I really enjoy the whole process so whenever family birthdays are coming up I get very excited planning cake ideas.  Saturday was my dad's birthday so I started planning ideas for a cake a few weeks ago.

Dad's Birthday Cake

Dad drives a tip truck for work so when I saw a cake similar to this one I knew I had to make it for him.  It is a 3 layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing.  I covered the outside in milo to look like dirt.  The truck was from Big W and I simply placed it in the centre and filled the back with maltesers and chocolate coated honeycomb.

Dad's Birthday Cake

One tip for anyone who might want to make a similar cake - honeycomb melts!  It takes a little while but once it is exposed to the air it starts to melt.  So I would suggest making the cake up until the point of adding the lollies.  Then just before you have to present the cake add these to avoid them melting too much.

Dad's Birthday Cake

I am so happy with how this cake turned out.  Dad really loved it and has added the truck to his collection.  The next birthday in the family is my mums so I think I better get planning!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad's Birthday

I don't usually blog on the weekend but I had to jump on today and wish my dad a big happy birthday. You are the funniest, craziest and most random person I have ever met! You never fail to make us laugh.  You have been an amazing dad to me and an even better grandpa to Imogen.  We love you with all our hearts and we can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you.  I hope you have an amazing day!  The sunshine has come out just for you.  Love you xx

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are you a serial crafter?

WIP 1 - Scrap Picnic Blanket

Do you ever feel like you are always doing but never finishing?  I do!  And I know why too. I am a serial crafter. I have a serious case of starteritis.  At the moment I feel like I am doing so much but I haven't shared a finished project here in nearly 3 weeks.  I

WIP 2 - I <3 Winter Sweater

My problem is I never seem to be happy working on just one project at a time.  There are always so many ideas floating around in my head and I feel like I need to start them all before I forget them.  I usually have at least 2 yarn projects going at once plus some sewing.  I tag team all my projects so while things are being completed bit by bit nothing is really getting completely finished.

WIP 3 - Chuck Sweater

Sewing is a lot easier for me to do during the day when Imogen is napping.  The problem is during the day there are usually so many other things that need doing too.  Housework, cooking, showering etc etc.  And given that Imogen only has 2 naps a day I have to do things in order of importance so usually sewing gets put to the back.  Because of this my sewing projects take me a while to get completed.  Especially now winter is here and all I want to do is curl up on the lounge and knit.

WIP 4 - Vintage Floral Blouse

Do you do this?  Are you a serial or a monogamous crafter?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (24/52)

Another Tuesday has rolled around way too fast! Where is this year going?

1 - I bought myself a basil plant at the start of last week.  I have always wanted a herb/vege garden but I suck at gardening.  So far so good with this little plant.  After a week he is still alive. Yay me!

2 - The first recipe made with my new basil plant was this zucchini lasagne that I have been wanting to try for ages.  It was delicious! Even Corey liked it and he isn't a fan of anything carb free. Winning!

3 - Corey ran out of mayo this week but instead of buying some he asked me if I could make me some. Total proud wife moment right there.  Of course I obliged and he is loving his homemade mayo.  Another kitchen win!

4 - Another work colleague asked me to make them a rainbow cake this past weekend.  I can't help but smile when making this cake.  Even if I have to repeat "Roy G Biv" repeatedly to make sure I don't mess up the order of the colours.

5 - Cake is my major weakness in my quest to cut down on carbs & sugar.  This week I tested out this canellini bean brownie recipe and it was the perfect solution to my craving.  They don't taste exactly like brownies but they are pretty good.

6 - I completed the first row of hearts on my latest knitting project.  I was a bit worried that they weren't looking like hearts so I went to twitter and instagram for advice.  Luckily everyone else saw hearts!  I think I was just looking at them for way too long and my eyes were playing tricks on me.

7 & 8 - We had the chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine a few times last week.  The week prior was rainy and miserable so these days sitting in the sun did wonders for everyones moods.

9 - Isn't that the happiest pile of fabric you've ever seen?!  I have pulled out a bunch of fabric scraps to make myself a new picnic blanket.  I have been meaning to do this for quite some time.  After tidying my sewing room I realised how out of control my scraps are getting.  So now a few have been cleared and hopefully I will have a new quilt to share shortly.

So how has your week been? I hope there have been some happy moments for you all!  And don't forget if you are on instagram follow me @petticoatsandpeplums!

Friday, June 14, 2013

8 Months

I was pretty excited this month when I taught Imogen how to clap!  We spent a week singing "If Your Happy & You Know It" and by the end of the week she was clapping away.  Now it's her latest trick.  She claps for everyone.  Seriously, according to her I am a musical star.  Every time I sing she starts clapping.  It does wonders for your self esteem!  She has also started to say "mum mum" and "dada"  Now whenever you talk to her she tries to copy what you say.  Obviously its all just noises and grunts but you can tell she is trying to have a conversation.  I think we are going to have a little chatterbox on our hands.  We introduced Imogen to finger food this past month.  We started out with some steamed veges and then moved onto cheese sticks and sandwiches.  She is absolutely in love with vegemite sandwiches!  Every time Corey has one she steals most of it.  The poor boy can't eat a sandwich in peace these days.  She sure is a happy little vegemite :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (23/52)

There hasn't been any sewing or baking happening this week as it was all about getting ready for my market stall this past weekend.  This stall was just a small one to try and get the word out about my event hire business that I started a few months ago.  My friend gave me the heads up about a babies & kids markets being held in the Gold Coast hinterland and I decided to give it a go.  I only heard about it 2 weeks prior but the stalls were really affordable so I decided to do it as a marketing activity rather than a money making activity.  The next markets are in December and I am hoping to have some bunting and other party props available for sale.  Here are a few snapshots of my week organising my stall...

1 - A collage of our market stall. I was so happy with how it ended up looking. We got a lot of positive feedback which was nice to hear.

2 - I picked up these pink jellybeans for the lolly buffet I set up.  My sister declared them the best jellybeans she has ever tasted. They were peach flavoured. Delicious!

3 - There is nothing better than brown paper & twine.  I love these cheers tags I made for our mason jars.  They are the perfect touch for a vintage or rustic wedding.

4 - Paper bunting is so easy to make and looks fantastic! Just because you can't sew doesn't mean you can't have bunting at your next event.

5 - I don't think I will ever get sick of tissue paper pom poms! I made small ones and attached them to paper straws.  They were then stuck in ramekins and surrounded with jellybean.  They were like little trees of colour on the lolly buffet!

5 - I also made a paper bunting with our name on it.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  The best part is if I fold it up neatly and pop it in a plastic sleeve I will be able to use it over & over again.

So what has been happening in your week to make you smile?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (22/52)

This week has been a bit busy as I am getting geared up to take my little business to a markets on the weekend.  So this week has been full of prep and I haven't had much chance to blog.  So here is what has been making me happy this past week, albeit a bit late!

There have been two clear things making me happy this past week.  The first is of course food. If it isn't clear to all by now food and trying new recipes always makes me happy!  This week I made sunflower seed pesto, greek slow cooker chicken, kale chips and the tastiest sweet potato ever!!!  I was also super happy when I stumbled upon Gizzi Erskine's Kitchen Magic cookbook on the sale table at QBD for $10. It usually sells for $55. Bargain!  I spent an afternoon with a cup of coffee reading this like it was a novel while Imogen slept.  Now that is my idea of a great afternoon.

The second happy moment of my week was Sunday when my sister, her fiance, Corey and I took part in the Colour Run.  When I heard the Colour Run was coming to Australia I was pretty stoked.  I had seen so many pictures on other peoples blogs and it looked like so much fun.  I've always wanted to do a 5k and this finally made me bite the bullet.  We had so much fun!  It was the most fun I have ever had exercising.  I really hope it comes back again next year!

So what has been happening in your week to make you smile?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Me Made May Recap

So another Me Made May is done and dusted! I am so glad I got to take part this year.  I must admit that by the end of the month I was getting pretty bored.  I have a rather large wardrobe so being restricted to 20 or so items was very difficult.  Combine that with the cooler weather and my lack of winter appropriate me mades actually made this month quite tough.

Most worn item

My goal for this me made may was to wear one item every day for the month.  I managed to complete this but there were a few repeats.  My most worn item for the month was my green knitted cardigan.  This is no suprise!  I am a dress girl at heart but the minute the weather turns cool I reach straight for my jeans and boots.  This made things difficult because I only had one me made top and it wasn't really jeans appropriate.

Second most worn items 

When I started this month I was hoping that with the amount of me made's I had (22) and the extra I was going to sew that I would get away with minimal repeats.  Unfortunately this was not to be.  I did do pretty well though.  There were only three items that didn't get worn at all.  They were my Mad Men Dress, Watermelon Skirt and Check Picnic Skirt.  The skirts were not worn because of the need for alterations.  The dress, however, just didn't seem appropriate for any occasions that I had during the month.  I am hoping though that this will get some once I return to work.

Unworn Items

So, what did I learn from Me Made May:
  • I need to sew myself some tops & some basics.
  • Most of my dresses are very dressy.  I could do with sewing a few more day time appropriate dresses.
  • I love my knitted cardigan! I am now very motivated to knit my next two projects.
  • I tend to see things on other bloggers and instantly want them even though they don't suit my personal style.  I need to start sewing for me & my style!
  • Novelty prints! That's where its at. I need more of them in my wardrobe.
  • Summer = dresses & Winter = pants. I have two different styles during the year yet I only sew for one.  I need to start sewing for the other.
Me Made May Sewn Items 

Apart from wearing a me made every day I also added on a mini challenge to sew three of my in progress items during May.  Before me made may started I had cut out a bunch of projects and they were all sitting on my sewing desk waiting to be sewn.  The three I chose to sew up were my mustard flared blouse, red lace dress and vintage ladies dress.  I am really happy with how they all turned out. I can definitely say that they will all get a lot of wear in my wardrobe.  In fact I just wore the vintage ladies dress again yesterday.

All in all I would call Me Made May a massive success!  I can't wait till next year.  Hopefully I will have a few more winter items up my sleeve by then.