Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Crafting

I know everyone is hanging to see wedding photos but unfortunately I don't have any at the moment so in the meantime I thought I would share a Christmas present that I made before the wedding.

Levi's Christmas Blanket

This blanket is for Corey's nephew for Christmas.  Luckily I know none of Corey's family read my blog so I am safe posting this.  This was super duper simple to make.  It obviously just a bunch of granny squares joined together.

Levi's Christmas Blanket

I made the blanket 7 squares x 5 squares and it is the perfect size for a little baby.  It is made with 8ply wool from Spotlight.  It took 1 ball of dark green, 2 light green and 1 white just in case anyone was wondering.  This was super duper simple to make which made it the perfect thing to get my mind off wedding stress in those last few weeks.  I have 2 more presents I want to make for Christmas so I better get cracking on those. Only 4 more weeks!!!


  1. This is so lovely Kat! I know you say it was easy, but I bet it was time-consuming! I've recently started to knit and I adore it, but it sure does take a lot of time when you're not using chunky wool!

  2. I really like the colours. Great job. Whoever gets that will love it I am sure

  3. Aww, this is such a lovely Christmas present! I love the two shades of green :)

    I need to get knitting too, Christmas is fast approaching!

    star-crossed smile


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