Sunday, November 27, 2011

Strawberry Milkshake Cake

When we were in Airlie Beach I asked Corey what cake he wanted me to make for his birthday.  The conversation when like this.

Me: What type of cake do you want for your birthday?
Corey: Strawberry milkshake!
Me: Ummm, strawberry milkshake flavoured or shaped like?
Corey: Shaped like.
Me: Okay. Just a 2D one.
Corey: No, 3D.
Me: Oh....okay.

What the??? I had no idea where to start. I googled it and I couldn't find any cakes shaped like a milkshake, strawberry or otherwise.  So I had to get the old brain moving on this one.  I decided to use my Wilton 3D cupcake pan and I made 2 bases and 1 top.  I sliced the bases into 3 pieces and layered the two bases together then added the top.

Strawberry Milkshake Birthday Cake

I iced it in a buttercream icing that I flavoured using strawberry ice cream topping.  I had to add in a little pink colouring to get the nice pink colour.  Then I topped it with white buttercream icing, some sprinkles, a wafer biscuit and a cherry.

Strawberry Milkshake Birthday Cake

I must say I am not entirely happy with how this cake turned out but Corey loved it. It is a bit too messy for my liking.  It is so stinking hot here at the moment that making icing is not the easiest thing in the world. I liked the top part but then I ran into the side of it when I was smoothing out the bottom and mushed it so now it looks a bit messy.  But I must say it tasted great!!!

Strawberry Milkshake Birthday Cake

I am just happy that Corey liked it! You would never guess that this giant pink cake is for a guy that just turned 25.  I can't wait to see what he requests next year!


  1. Aw, cute! You did great Kat, I can't wait to see what he requests next year either... hello kitty? ;)

  2. That cake is frickin AWESOME! Yay Corey - Happy Birthday! Man alive, I wish I had someone to make me a strawberry milkshake birthday cake! YOu rock Kat. Sarah xxx

  3. That is an awesome cake ... I love it

  4. Dude I am SO impressed with that cake! What a lucky guy.


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