Thursday, December 29, 2011

No 78 - Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

It's been a while since I have crossed anything off my 101 in 1001 list which is a bit scary considering my deadline is in August 2012.  Only 8 months to go!!!  Corey has wanted to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge forever so I bought it for him for his birthday (the climb that is not the  I was a little nervous at first but once you get through the first part where you are climbing on see through walkways it is okay.  The section you climb on is so wide and made of such thick steel that you feel pretty secure.  Here are a few photos we got from the trip.....

Apart from the first one I am pretty impressed with how these photos turned out.  They are actually printed photos that I took photos of with my iphone to be able to load them onto here.  They turned out pretty okay considering!  The originals look great and I am so happy we decided to get them all printed out.  Corey loved his birthday present and I would definitely recommend doing the climb to anyone visiting Sydney.  The view is definitely worth it!!!

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