Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Read More - November

So I have realised that there is absolutely no way I am going to reach my reading target of 52 books for the year.  After October I had only read 39 books which left me with 13 to read in two months.  In November I only managed 3.  I highly doubt I will get through 10 books in December considering I am still on the first one I started reading this month.  I do however have a long weekend next weekend then a week of holidays both which involve long drives to our destinations so who knows.  Anyway, here is what I read in November.

You'll be sorry when I'm dead by Marieke Hardy was my first book of the month.  I bought this and the next book with money I got for my birthday.  I really enjoyed this book.  It was not what I was expecting at all but it was very interesting.  Marieke talks about her life is such a matter of fact way that even the most unexpected parts of it seem kind of normal.  I don't really know how to describe it but I liked it.

A Life In Frocks by Kelly Doust was another great book.  Kelly talks all about her life and the fashion choices she made along the way.  For someone who is obsessed with clothes it was a very interesting read.  For someone who isn't that big on fashion it might be a bit boring because it really is just all about the clothes she wore during certain points in her life.

I have wanted to read The Help ever since I saw the movie.  I had heard that the book had a lot more detail and it does.  There is so much more that happens in the book that isn't included in the movie.  I know this happens with all movies but I felt like the bits they cut out for the movie were the bits that were most true to that time and truly portrayed what housemaids were put through.  I think that they cut these bits out to give the movie a more disney feel but we all know the history of that time and things were a lot worse then the movie made out.  I think if you liked the movie you should definitely read the book because it has so much more detail and you feel like you get to know the characters a bit better.

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  1. Good for you..... I think 39 books this year so far is pretty awesome. I want to read The Help too . Haven't seen the movie either, but would like to read the book before I watch the DVD. Sometimes reading the book first is a good thing, other times not so. Next year in Australia is International year of reading .... I want to set a goal to read a certain number of books, but will see how I go with that one. Thanks for sharing.


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