Saturday, February 4, 2012

January Reading List

So this year I am reattempting my goal of reading 52 books from last year.  Last year I only made it to 40 books.  This month I have only read 3 books which is a pretty slow start to the year.  I am hoping I will beat that amount next month. But for now here is my reading list from January.

Saving Rachel was a book that was only 99c on Borders when I was buying ebooks for my new reader.  I grabbed it because of the price and I'm so glad I did because I loved the book. It's a super quick read and it sucks you in straight away.  It is a thriller/mystery type book and I must say the twist at the end is worth the read.

Seriously, I'm Kidding was the first book I bought for my new ereader after Christmas.  It is the most random book I have ever read and it is hilarious.  It is literally just random little thoughts and stories that Ellen has decided to share.  I love Ellen! Anyone who loves her tv show has got to read this book because it is hilarious.

Minxy Vintage was a Christmas present from my mum and dad.  I have read this from cover to cover multiple times and it is so inspiring.  It makes me want to cut up and customise all my clothes and shop for vintage at the same time.  Everyone needs to own this book!!!

So I am hoping in February to step it up to 4 books for the month.  Fingers crossed I can reach that goal.


  1. I really am in awe about how much you read! I don't know how you do it. How much time do you spend reading? When do you find the time?

    I'm only on my second book for the year, and the first I started in early December. Granted, they're pretty big books though (books 3 & 4 of the game of thrones/song of ice and fire series)

  2. ellen is so funny, i want to read this now! :)

  3. I love Minxy Vintage. I got it out from the library the other day. You're right. It's so inspiring. In fact, I've spent the last few days chopping up stuff from the op shop and I'm going to have a go at dyeing some clothes this afternoon.


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