Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nurse Graduation Cake

Today was my friend's last day at work.  She recently finished studying nursing and has gotten a graduate position which she starts next week.  To celebrate we had a little party at work and I made the cake.  Unfortunately, she was horribly sick today so she only ended up coming in for an hour but she absolutely loved her cake.  I'm glad I was able to make her last day a little bit special.  Here are some pics....

Nurse Graduation Cake Nurse Graduation Cake Nurse Graduation Cake

This cake is far from perfect but I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  It's only the second time I have attempted a fondant covered cake.  Last time it was a lot cooler so the fondant was easier to work with.  Summer is not the best time to work with fondant on the Gold Coast.  But I am still happy with how the cake turned out and I know the more I practice the more I will improve.  


  1. Holy smokes! That cake is amazing!! I've always wanted to try using fondant, but after seeing your cakes now...I'm too scared to! I especially love your pen details, too cute!


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