Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Wedding - Details


I disappeared for a few days again but with good reason this time.  We went to Melbourne to visit my sister for her birthday.  It was a lovely weekend away and great to have all the family together for a holiday for the first time in ages.  Before I went I realised that I never posted the last lot of photos I wanted to share from our wedding so here they are.

For the wedding we made a few little things that I wanted to share with you all.  For the ceremony I made reserved signs so we could ensure that the first two rows were kept for family.  I also made some cones out of doilies to put the rose petals in.  These were handed out prior to the ceremony to all our guests.

lane0177 lane0179 lane0170 
For the reception I was lucky enough to have this gorgeous picture painted for me by my darling friend Maria.  I then printed our seating list onto pink paper and hung it across the painting like bunting.  My plans are to cut some nice bunting out of fabric to hang across it and hang it somewhere in the house.

We also made a few things for the tables.  The below shot shows a great overall shot of the room.  I really love the colours of the room and how they compliment the colours of the venue.

This picture shows the table numbers that we made a bit better.  The frames were $2 from ikea and I printed the table numbers onto paper from Sarbe.  

The noodle boxes were placed at each setting for guests to fill from the lolly buffet.  I purchased the noodle boxes online from Pulp Creative Paper.  The ribbon came from Spotlight and the paper from Sarbe.
The place cards were one of the easiest things I made.  I did up a quick template in word and printed them at my mum's house.  The most time consuming part was cutting them out and scouring/folding them.
And lastly, I made my garter.  I wanted something fun that matched our colours and I had something else in mind for my something blue.  I whipped this up with some ribbon and elastic and a button from Spotlight.

Okey dokey.  Congratulations on making it this far.  We are nearly at the end I promise.  But lastly I want to share with you my something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Something Old - my something old was this dolla which was on my mum's wedding car and my nana's wedding car.  My mum sent it away to the doll hospital in Sydney to be cleaned up so it could be on my wedding car.  It's still got a great old vintage charm to it and I am so glad I got to use it.  Hopefully one day I have a little girl who can have it on her wedding car too.


Something New - quite obviously the newest thing for the wedding was my amazing dress from Vivien of Holloway that I bought in London.


Something Borrowed - I borrowed my mum's engagement ring for the day which was a great honour but also scared the shit out of me.  The moment I gave it back I let out a huge sigh of relief.  I was so paranoid I would lose it.


Something Blue - and for my something blue I decided to add some blue crystals to the bottom of my shoes.  I super glued them on some they would remind me of my wedding day forever. I tossed up between writing a K & C (Kat & Corey) and writing I Do but at the end of the day the K & C won out.

Yay!  You have managed to reach the end of the most epic blog post in the history of this blog.  Congratulations!!! And thanks for reading all the way down here.  I hope you all enjoyed the bits of our wedding that I have shared over the past few months.  It was such an amazing day I can't believe it is all over already. I wish we could go back and do it again!


  1. You did a great job with the details for your special day.

  2. Your wedding looks AH-MAZING!! Great job on everything Kat! I like the idea about the shoes too! I also think the shot of your bridesmaids helping the dress over your head was fantastic!

  3. Oh, the details are always what makes the day extra special. I love discovering all those little details on the day and seeing what they say about the couple.

    These are all so lovely and elegant, beautiful and thoughtful. Especially love the KC on your shoes! :)

  4. absolutely love your wedding colors and everything you did! gorgeous. my favorite is that painting of the tree- perfect to hang up in your house :)



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