Friday, March 9, 2012

Our House

I took these photos a few weeks ago meaning to post them but then I fell into my non blogging slump. So I thought what better time then now to share them.  These are a few pictures of our new house. We have started decorating but I think there is still a little bit to do to make it feel like our house.  Hopefully in a few months or so I will be able to show you the house feeling a bit more us.  It might take a while to get to that point but we'll get there.  Anyway, enough of me, onto the pictures....

Our Lounge Room and a peek into our backyard. Notice the surround sound box next to the tv. We've been moved in for over a month and it is still sitting there. We're a bit slack!

Lounge Room 

Our Kitchen. This is definitely my favourite room in the house. It is massive compared to our old kitchen so I am loving it.  I actually have half empty cupboards. That might be a good excuse to go shopping for some more kitchen stuff.

Our Kitchen 

My favourite corner of the kitchen, the baking corner!

Baking Corner 

The sewing room.  On the wall opposite this stuff is a double door cupboard that houses my fabric stash, my petticoats and a box of clothes that need to be altered or repaired.

Sewing Room Sewing Room Cupboard Sewing Room Cupboard 

The guest bedroom.  When we moved we bought a new bed for our room and moved our bed into the guest room.  The sheets, pillows, doona and doona cover set were all wedding presents from my Pop & Carolyn.  We only had to buy the throw blanket and the gray pillow.  The bedside table Corey made in highschool.

Guest Bedroom Guest Bedroom 

The guest bathroom.  The bath in here is so deep its amazing. I haven't used it yet but it looks very inviting.

Guest Bathroom 

And lastly, our bedroom!  We bought a brand new bed from Fantastic Furniture when we moved in.  The quilt cover set came from Spotlight and the throw blanket and sheets came from Pillow Talk.  We still need to buy bedside tables and the wall above the bed is very empty so we need to do something there.  I'm just not sure what yet.

Our Bedroom Our Bedroom

And that is our new house.  We are pretty happy with the move. I am super close to work now and Corey has cut about 20 minutes each way of his commute.  The street we live in is super quiet and although we haven't actually met our neighbors yet we haven't had any issues with them either.  All we need to do now is finish making our house feel like a home.


  1. That is an awesome kitchen, oh, and the rest of the house is really nice too ...LOL. Seriously though, it's really nice making your new house into a home.

  2. kitchen looks so nice and roomy! tres jealous!
    and all your amazing cupcake wrappers, so pretty!
    im spending a chunk of my weekend trying to make the house a little more us, needs a few personal touches like your kitchen wall - i love that!


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