Tuesday, February 26, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (8/52)

So another Tuesday has rolled around pretty fast!  When your living your days in 4 hour blocks they fly by pretty fast.  Here are a few things that have been making me happy this week.

1 - Miss Imogen has been on solids for a week now and I have been making her food. I am feeling pretty earth mothery whipping up all her little meals.  Gourmet feasts they are not but it still makes me feel good!

2 - I started my sew for victory skirt last week.  It is actually quite close to being finished but it will still probably take me a week to get it done in nap times.

3 - My cardigan that I am working on is quite close to being finished.  Since this photo was taken I have very nearly finished one sleeve.  So it's just the sleeves, blocking & button band to go.  I am so excited to see how this turns out.

4 & 5 - I always love being in the kitchen and my new ipad makes working off recipes online so much easier.  And when the finished product is as gorgeous as this choc mint cake then that is even better.

6 - I finally finished my tie shorts right in time for the crap weather we have been experiencing so unfortunately I haven't been able to wear them much.  But it still makes me happy that they are done and I can move onto my next projects.

7 - Miss Imogen and her gorgeous eyes always make me happy!

8 - Rainbows are a current obsession of mine so I couldn't resist a pic of this cardigan rainbow in SES on the weekend.  So happy & cheerful!

9 - Mum's baking is the best baking in the world! This banana cake and a cup of tea was the perfect end to a great weekend.  I am going to try and get the recipe off her to share with you guys because it is amazing.
But by far the happiest thing to happen this week is that my darling sister and her fiance have moved back to the GC for this year.  They have been living in Melbourne for a year and before that they were in London so it is going to be nice to have her home for longer than a month.  She is getting married in November and then they have plans to head back overseas next year so I am going to be soaking up as much sister time as I can while she is here.

So what has been happening to make you happy this week?


  1. such a lovely list. your daughter is so cute and its nice to hear about your crafting!

    lots of things have been making me happy: the book of poems my best friend gave me to inspire me, bright pink nail varnish, hot baths and musical theatre :) xxx

  2. All lovely happy things - adore the colour of your cardi. I'm still knitting my daughter her cardi so can't even imagine doing one in my size!!! And yay for sister moving close by. Mel x


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