Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentines Week - Love Heart Headband

I can’t believe it isthe end of Valentine’s Week already. This week has just flown by and it’s only a few days until Valentine’sDay. This last DIY is a super cuteone! I made Imogen and I matchingheadbands. Now I know that isprobably super cheesy but I also think it’s a bit cute. Although she does look a lot betterthan me in her headband.

Love Heart Headband

So to make one ofthese you will need the following

Love Heart Headband

Red & pink felt
Stretch elastic
Large & smallheart cookie cutter
Tape measure
Embroidery thread

headband steps 1headband steps 2headband steps 3

1 – Measure your head(or whoevers head you are making this for). Minus 1 inch and cut a piece of elastic that size. Sew your ends together. Don’t worry about thread colour orneatness as this will be hidden in the end.
2 – Trace your heartcookie cutters onto your felt. Youare going to need 2 large hearts and 1 small heart. Cut around your outlines.
3 – Using thecontrasting thread stitch your small heart on top of one of your large hearts.
4 – Sandwich yourelastic between your two large hearts with the join of the elastic hiddenbetween the two hearts.
5 – Stitch around yourlarge hearts with the contrasting thread. Make sure you catch the elastic when stitching around the top and bottomof the heart. And your all done!

love heart headband tutoriallove heart headband

Isn’t that the easiestthing ever!!! And just remember aswith all my other DIY’s this week these are easily customisable to anyoccasion. I think one would looksuper cute for a little birthday girl with the number that she is turning. I might have to file that idea away andremember it for Miss Imogen’s first birthday.


  1. You both look adorable in your headbands!!!

  2. Not cheesy at all; it's super cute! And I love how your colours are reversed :)


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