Monday, April 30, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Bump(y) - 17 weeks

Baby Bump - 17 weeks

The Good
  • Having working internet again.
  • Finally being able to bake again without wanting to throw up.
  • Corey working his last night shift last night.
  • Gold Class movie dates with Corey.
  • My fun new maternity exercise class that I started this week.
  • New cloths and new hair making me feel refreshed.
  • My nice new heat pack which helps to ease my back pain slightly.

The Bad
  • Missing last weeks bump post due to broken internet.
  • Not being able to buy cute clothes for Squishy because we don't know the gender yet.
  • Grocery shopping with cravings. I spend way too much money!!!
  • Back pain. It is killing me. Especially when I get it in the middle of the night and it wakes me up.

The Bump

Baby Bump - 17 weeks

And here is little Squishy at 17 weeks. The bump doesn't look as big as I feel which I always find funny when I take these pics.  I always feel huge then I see these pics and think I'm not really that big. It's a vicious cycle that I go through each week.  But, I am learning to accept my new body and stop obsessing over every kilo and just embrace this time in my life. I found it hard at first because I was so used to eating perfectly and going to the gym consistently with Corey and keeping track of my weight every week.  It has taken me a while to realise that I need to put on weight in order to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby but I think I am starting to get there.  I think one thing I still need to accept is that every pregnant women is different and I need to stop comparing myself to every other pregnant lady I know and see.  Getting my hair dyed and cut on the weekend definitely helped me feel a little bit better about myself. Now I just need to hold onto this feeling for the next 5 months!


  1. You look gorgeous Kat - back pain is the worst isn't it? Hope you feel better. Sarah xxx

  2. Don't you hate it when the internet isn't working? I always feel like I've lost some vitally important part of me. That sucks that you've had such bad back pain.


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