Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Corey's Minion Cake

If you follow me on instagram you would have already seen this cake but I wanted to share a few more photos.  I must admit I was pretty stoked with how this turned out!  Corey loves the movie Despicable Me and will watch it every time it is on tv.  So when I came across this tutorial on pinterest I knew that I had to make it for him.  I have been looking forward to making it for months so I am really glad that it turned out well.

Corey's Minion Cake Corey's Minion Cake Corey's Minion Cake Corey's Minion Cake

This was the funnest cake to make! While I love working with fondant and the results it gives I am a lot more confident when working with buttercream.  It can easily be used to give just as spectacular results as fondant.  If you would like some more buttercream cake ideas and inspiration I highly recommend this website.  There are a bunch of free tutorials that I love reading through.  They show how buttercream cakes can be just as amazing as fondant ones.

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