Monday, June 13, 2011

Daily Style - Polka Dots

Daily Style - Polka Dots

Belt: Poundland
Cardi: Valleygirl
Shoes: Rubi Shoes
Flower (in hair): Diva

Thanks to the public holiday I got to spend an extra two days with Corey this weekend. Corey and I usually only have one day off a week together because he works on Saturdays but this weekend he took Saturday off and thanks to the public holiday had Monday off too. We spent the day buying a few wedding things, going out for lunch and going to watch the new X-men movie. It was a lovely relaxing day to end a lovely long weekend.

Daily Style - Hair

I wore one of the dresses that I bought from Kitty's Vintage Kitsch before I put myself on a shopping ban. I love this dress! It is so summery and fun. It came with a matching belt with a butterfly buckle but I like to wear it with this red on instead. Blue and red together are one of my favourite combinations. I also finished a cardigan I have been knitting for the past few weeks so stay tuned for a post on that.


  1. The dress looks awesome Kat! I'd never have thought to put it with red but its fab.xx.

  2. Beautiful dress - you always look fabulous!

  3. This dress is stunning on you. I adore it!


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