Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pattern Help!

Okay guys I need a little bit of help to find a pattern to make a dress. I found this stunning dress last night which I want to wear to my aunty's wedding in December. Unfortunately the only Australian store that has it in coral has sold out. I found another store that has it but only in black which is a wedding no-no. So I was hoping that maybe I could make something similar.
My question is does anyone know of a pattern that I could use to make a top like that? Or would I have to draft my own which I have never done before so I am a little scared of. If anyone has any suggestions at all they would be greatly appreciated.


  1. That's a gorgeous, classic looking dress. Have you tried looking at vintage patterns? That silhouette reminds me of a 50s dress. Can you get Vogue patterns?

    Vogue has a "Vintage" pattern line and I'm pretty sure you can find something similar.

    OK, just checked myself. Vogue Misses' Dress pattern V1094. Or the link:

    Hope that helps! Good luck!

  2. Gorgeous dress. Vintage vogue 1094's back bodice is almost the same as the back of that dress and you could maybe adapt the front of the pattern to be more like the dress you want.

  3. Oh I wish I knew more about patterns!

    Are you so sure about black being a no-no? Unless it's a traditional wedding just about anything goes these days. Aside from white. That is a definite don't!

  4. really? i wear black to weddings all the time. oops!

    have you tried to buy it online?

  5. Vintage Vogue V1094 is very similar. Raise the waistline a bit and take some width out of the skirt. Unless you'd like the skirt full, off course.


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