Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Read More - May

Wow this was a slow month for me in the reading department! I think I spent all my spare time knitting instead of reading. Oh well. Knitting is fun too! So here is my sad list of reading for May...

I am trying to reread all of the Harry Potter books before the last movie comes out and I am currently up to number 5. The last 3 books are so thick though so I am not sure if I will get them all done this month. My aim is to read 52 books this year and I have currently read 21. Considering we are going into June and are nearly half way through the year I need to read 5 books this month to keep on track for my goal. Fingers crossed I can make that happen!

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  1. wow, 52 books in a year is a lot! one a week.... I don't think I could manage that unless I was on holiday for half of the year. Good luck with it!


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