Monday, September 19, 2011

Daily Style - New/Old Skirt

This weekend felt like summer had arrived on the Gold Coast.  I hate how it basically goes from Winter to Summer without any mention of Spring because Spring is really my favourite season.  Anyway, enough complaining!  It was a gorgeous day yesterday and we had a great day too.

Daily Style - Pink Perfection

Top - Kmart
Belt - Valley Girl
Skirt - DIY
Cardigan - Valley Girl
Shoes - Primark

We got up nice and early to go to the farmers markets and collect our fruit and veges for the week and have some breakfast.  It was a little cool hence the cardigan but it was gone by about 7am.  Then we went out to Albert River for our final details meeting with our wedding planner.  Then we went up the mountain for some lunch at Eagle Heights Hotel and of course we couldn't go up the mountain without stopping in to visit the lovely Kitty's Vintage Kitsch.

Daily Style - Pink Perfection

Because I have been so good with my non spending for the wedding Corey said that I could pick out one dress from the shop.  I found the most perfect little yellow summer dress but you will have to wait until next time to see that one.  This skirt I am wearing I made about 2 years ago and I have worn it to death.  I was getting a little tired of it but didn't want to throw it out so instead I bought some broiderie anglaise trim and attached it to the bottom.  Now my old skirt is new again!

Daily Style - Pink Perfection

And speaking of how good I have been with not spending.  I have also been super good with my stash busting.  I made myself a deal that I wasn't allowed to buy anymore wool until I used a quarter of my stash.  I had to use 10 balls of wool before buying more and the other day when I had counted I had used up 13.5.  So I went out and bought myself 3 balls of wool to make a little shrug for the wedding.  Now that I have used a quarter of my stash I am going to make myself alternate with 1 project from the stash and 1 project from new yarn.  Since it is coming up to Christmas there are a few things I want to make with new yarn so this way I will still be stashbusting as well!


  1. It sure is hot, isn't it? It was 33 in Brisbane yesterday. Man alive! And all that haze from the bush fires...

    That skirt is so cute! And perfect for the hotter temperatures too.

    Can't wait to see the dress you picked out.

  2. Love your shoes - so cute!
    Yesterday in Sydney was a scorcher as well and I did not appreciate it... too much Summer too soon! I'm a spring girl too.
    Love that you're making your own wrap for your wedding - such a talented lady!

  3. The skirt is lovely, one would never know it's been worn so much! I'm with you on the weather thing-I was enjoying that couple of weeks of spring too, boo to summer :(

  4. The broderie angalaise trim looks great. I love your shoes too. So cute with the little bow.


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