Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Resolutions

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I am a list person so it is within my nature to want to write a list of new years resolutions. Lists help me to have something to work towards and are very helpful in motivating myself.  Today I took a moment out to sit and think of some things I want to achieve this year.  They are nothing major just things that will help me make sure I am using my spare time wisely and being productive throughout the year.  Here goes....

Visit A New Part of Australia 
I realised when we went to Europe how little of my own country I have seen. When you tell people you are from Australia they ask you if you have seen so many places and the majority I say no to.  I would like to play tourist in my own country and visit some places I have never been before.  I would love to visit Perth or Tasmania and also see the Great Ocean Road.

Plan Some Weekends Away
We spend a lot of our weekends at home at complain a lot that we should have made plans.  We talk a lot about going for a weekend away to Byron Bay or the Sunshine Coast but they never happen.  This year I am hoping we can change that. (Melbourne,Noosa,Woolgoogla)

Sew 30 Items
I would like to redo this goal that I set myself in 2011 as I failed last year.  I am hoping this year I can focus a little more on my sewing and get a bit more done.  Fingers crossed this year this goal is a success. (19/30)

Knit 15 Items
I wanted to up the number of knitted projects for 2012 but I am also adding in a goal for crocheted items (see below) so I thought if I up'd the number I might be being a bit too ambitious. (7/15)

Knit A Garment For Myself
I suck at knitting clothes for myself!!! I have made 3 cardigans and all have turned out crap.  The first was because I used the wrong wool so it stretched out, the second I made a garment that wasn't my style at all so I didn't wear it and then the last garment I made I used too small needles and didn't realise till it was finished so again I never wore it.  All I make for myself now are scarves and beanies and I really want to make myself something I will actually wear.  I tend to wing things a bit when I make scarves and beanies and I think I can't do that with garments. All I need to do is be a bit more patient and pay more attention and I should be right.  Hopefully!!!

Crochet 15 Items
In 2011 I taught myself how to crochet and in 2012 I would like to put this skill to a bit more use.  I am aiming to crochet 15 items this year. (14/15)

Read 52 Books
This is another redo of a failed 2011 resolution.  I only managed 40 books in 2011 so I am hoping in 2012 I will be successful in my reading goal.  Corey bought me an ereader for Christmas which I have been carrying with my everywhere.  I think this will encourage me to read more as I will never be without a book if I keep this in my bag. (35/52)

Sew 10 Vintage Patterns.
Last year I wanted to start sewing with vintage patterns which technically I did. But I only made 1 so this year I have set myself a goal of 10 vintage patterns.  I have a few at home I would love to make so all I need to do is get started. (0/10)

Exercise 3 Times A Week
We went really well with our exercise from when we arrived home from Europe to just before the wedding.  Once the wedding finished we had birthdays and Christmas to prepare for and the gym got pushed to the wayside.  I am really hoping that we can get back into the swing of things this year and keep up with our exercise schedule.

Make Our House Feel Like A Home
We have been living in our house for 2 years and I still look at it and hate how it looks and feels.  I think mostly that is because I hate our house but also it is because we haven't really decorated to make our house feel like ours.  We are moving at the end of January and I am really excited to make this home feel a little bit more us.  I already have plans for our bedroom and the guest bedroom and kitchen.  I can't wait to get started!!!

So there you have it my, slightly ambitious, new years resolutions for 2012.  I really hope that I can be successful with my goals this year.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Your goals are really inspiring! Can't wait to see what you create in 2012! Looking forward to your 'house' posts. Sam xox

  2. This was such an inspiring post! I finally knit a sweater for myself that turned out beautifully (after a few attempts that were NOT successful). It is a wonderful feeling to complete a garment that fits your personality AND measurements. Can't wait to see your finished product!

  3. Come to melbourne! We can go fabric shopping together. :) Its good to set goals, and work towards them.


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