Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 9-16

I've been a bit slack on the photo a day challenge.  We are moving at the end of this week and I have also been preparing for a birthday at work tomorrow so things have been a little crazy.  It has resulted in me doing a bit of catch up photography over the weekends but anyway here are the photos I have taken...
Day 9 - Daily Routine


Day 10 - Childhood


Day 11 - Where You Sleep


Day 12 - Close Up

Close Up

Day 13 - In Your Bag

In Your Bag

Day 14 - Something Your Reading


Day 15 - Happiness


Day 16 - Morning


I might be a little slack on blogging and commenting this week as I have a lot of packing to finish up.  Hopefully I will be all unpacked and back into it next week.


  1. I'm surprised you have time for photos with moving and all. Good luck with the move, hope everything runs very smoothly for you. I'd know a Sony E-Reader when I see it anywhere ... I have one too.

  2. Oh man, those cupcakes look goooooood!

    Good luck with moving!

  3. Good luck with moving!! It's a hard slog, but you'll get there... promise :)

  4. Hey Kat, I saw this today and thought of you :)

  5. I hate moving- it drains so much out of you! Good luck with the move. Show us some piccies of your new house!
    Just wondering if your going to do a post about your dress? I loved to see some more close ups.

  6. I've been doing this too, on Instagram. Some days are a little harder but it gets me thinking :) Good luck with your move!


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