Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Harry Potter Birthday

Last week my work friend Sally had a birthday and it was our turn to spoil her as she does for everyone else on their birthdays.  We were pretty pumped about it and me and two other girls spent a few weeks planning.  Sally is a massive Harry Potter fan so we chose that as our theme for the day.  Here are some pics....
Platform 9 3/4 

The entry into our office was Platform 9 3/4.  We got the inspiration from here.  It was super simple to do and looked fantastic.  The party was last Tuesday and we still have this hanging on our door now!

Birthday Sign 

The birthday banner in Gryffindor colours of course!

Balloons & Streamers 

Her desk was then surrounded by streamers, balloons and golden snitches that we cut out of coloured paper.

Gold Snitch 
Undesirable Poster 

We made a heap of these posters here and printed them out to hang all around the office.  These have also stayed up since the party.  I of course had to do some baking so I made owl cupcakes, golden snitch oreo balls and the old favourite rice bubble slice.

Owl Cupcakes Snitch Oreo Balls Rice Bubble Slice 

Now this is my absolute favourite part of the day.  Let me just preface this by saying, in the interest of full disclosure, I DID NOT MAK E THIS CAKE!  This cake was made by one of the very very very talented girls that I work with.  We are trying to convince her to start and business and I am trying to convince her to give me cake decorating classes.  She is an absolute genius!!!!

Monster Book of Monsters Cake

In case you don't read Harry Potter the Monster Book of Monsters is a textbook that they are prescribed for one of their classes and it is alive and tries to eat everyone.  Michelle did an absolutely fantastic job recreating this book for Sally's cake.  It was freaking amazing!!!!  I can't wait to see what we can come up with for Sally's birthday next year.


  1. You guys are awesome! She must have felt so special. Nice one.

    P.S Those owl cupcakes are to die for!

  2. May I just say... wow! Love this. You gals are so creative. You'll have to post a recipe for those oreo snitches. :) Yum!

  3. Wow, that cake looks FANTASTIC! What a great effort you all made.

  4. God I'm so jealous .... I want to work in your office!!!

    BTW I've tagged you in my 11 Post ...

  5. What Sammy said! My office seems very boring by comparison!

  6. That is sooooo cute!! What an awesome idea! We get cake in our office for birtdays, but no themes...

  7. Ok, as a Harry Potter fan... this is fantastic!! The owl cupcakes and the Monster book cake. Love it.


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