Monday, June 4, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Bump(y)

Week 22 Baby Bump

The Good
  • Movie dates + Malteser's = perfection!
  • Getting all the fabric together to start making a quilt for Squishy
  • Brunch date with the parentals.
  • Cuddles from Roxy Foxy.
  • New boots for winter.
The Bad
  • Watching the last episode of Revenge Season 1.  Awesome episode! Don't know how I am going to last till the start of Season 2.
  • Getting puffed out super easily. Pregnancy + Asthma = no fun.
The Bump

Week 22 Baby Bump 
Holy moly 22 weeks! Where has the time gone.  Every Sunday comes around and I go "omg time to take another photo!"  I am sure I am going to reach a point where it starts to go slow but for now I am enjoying the swiftness of time.  


  1. So exciting seeing the bump get bigger each week! I hope you and your little family aren't suffering too much in the cold at the moment - I am, but having said that, at the moment it's 'cold for Townsville', which probably makes it regular winter temperature for the rest of Australia :P

  2. I hate season finales! I wish every show I loved were like a soap opera :) I can't wait for Revenge to come back, it's my favorite new show!

  3. You look absolutely great! I'm sorry to hear about the asthma. I recently found out I had it too and boy o boy does it suck!

  4. You look gorgeous. It really is true what they say about pregnant women radiating.
    Plus I love mustard so I pretty much wanna steal your sweater ;)

  5. Gorgeous yellow - show us the brooch! Sarah xxx

  6. Mmm.. Maltesers. I love the cute scarf in your hair.

  7. You look stunning Kat!

    It sounds like you are being quite productive. Glad to hear your pregnancy isn't slowing you down! :) As for time...nothing beats the measurement of time than being pregnant...and having a child around!


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