Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Bump(y)

Baby Bump Week 23

The Good
  • Corey feeling Squishy kick for the first time. 
  • Long weekends spent market shopping and relaxing.
  • Fairy bread fudge....delicious!!!
  • Warm cozy pajamas on rainy nights.
The Bad
  • This post being a few days late....sorry guys!
  • The car trouble I touched on in my last post.  My car needs a whole new motor which is kind of expensive.  
  • Long boring appointments at the hospital.
The Bump

Baby Bump Week 23

Every week when I type up this post I am more and more surprised at how quick the week has gone. Little Miss Squishy is going to be here before we know it.  I really need to get started on the nursery sewing and decorating very very soon or I am going to run out of time.  I have so many plans and so little time!  But I have a list so all I need to do is get started.


  1. You look so great, you must be feeling so excited, over halfway. I am so curious about fairy bread fudge, it sounds so decadent : )

  2. Saw your thingy on Facebook, fyi I had a hard time at the baby clinics up here because I had a NSW baby and the baby book/paperwork is different. I was judged badly, big time, because of it!! Even changed clinics because of it they were so bitchy...just so you know! Looks like you're both doing well, best wishes.xx.

  3. Ooh look at the bump!! So sorry to hear about your car trouble :(

    Sarah xxx


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