Monday, October 29, 2012

September Reading List

I just realised that it is nearly November and I still haven't shared my September books with you all.  But that's ok because here they are now...

For September I continued reading the Stephanie Plum series and managed to smash through six more books.  Like I said last month these books are a really easy read and are very entertaining. I highly recommend them if you are after a mindless read that you can flick through while lazing about.  The perfect summer holiday read!  This month brings me up to 35 books for the year with 17 left for the year. I don't like my chances of getting there because for October I have only read 1 book. Slacker!!!


  1. I admire you for reading books. My mind doesn't stay on a subject long enough, which is why blog reading is perfect for me!

  2. God I love the plum books. I'm anxiously awaiting the next one.
    Did you see the film? Bit a of bust :-(


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