Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Maternity Leave Week 2

maternity leave 2
Spent some time relaxing at mum and dad's house with Roxy Foxy and reading the first magazine in my new subscription.

Finally finished the last project for Squishy's bedroom.

Turned some undelicious apples into some delicious muffins using this recipe.

Made some delicious white chocolate fudge that had to be shared with the in-laws to stop me eating the entire batch.

Did a little bit of sewing for Squishy.  Post to come on the finished product.

Made some delicious cheese & herb bread.  Recipe & post to come on this one soon too.

And I finished up the week with a little bit of knitting.

Here's hoping that this is my last week of maternity leave by myself because I am dying to meet my little girl!


  1. Try to enjoy your last few weeks before squishy gets here. You have achieved alot considering the size that one gets towards the end.
    I hope that week 3 sees you holding a little miss in your arms.


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