Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Handmade Ornament Swap Goodies

I am so excited for Christmas this year! It's Imogen's first Christmas and even though she won't remember any of it I want to make it special.  I am counting down to December 1st when I get to decorate the tree and the house.  I am especially excited to put up my new decorations that I received in the handmade ornament swap.

Handmade Ornament Swap 

Both of my parcels arrived in the post yesterday and it was very exciting to unwrap them together.  They were both wrapped so beautifully that I almost didn't want to unwrap them.

Handmade Ornament Swap

The first parcel I unwrapped was from the darling Tracey at Sunny Corner Farm.  She sent me three gorgeous felt ornaments that she had embroidered.  They are just gorgeous and I think they will be go perfectly on our tree.  Not only did Tracey send me these gorgeous ornaments but she also sent three button magnets that went straight onto the fridge.

Handmade Ornament Swap

The second parcel was from the lovely Sarah over at Gladys In The Garden.  She made me some gorgeous little bird bunting with the loveliest mix of fabrics.  I can't wait to hang these up!  I am debating where in the house to hang them.  Once they are hung I will take a better picture because this one just doesn't do it justice.

I want to say a massive thank you to Sarah and Tracey for their gifts.  I absolutely love them!  Also, a massive thank you to Christina for organising this swap.  It was loads of fun to take part in and the perfect way to kick off the Christmas season.

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  1. They are lovely! I am sure the recipient of your ornaments will be equally as impressed! Sam xox


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