Tuesday, June 18, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (24/52)

Another Tuesday has rolled around way too fast! Where is this year going?

1 - I bought myself a basil plant at the start of last week.  I have always wanted a herb/vege garden but I suck at gardening.  So far so good with this little plant.  After a week he is still alive. Yay me!

2 - The first recipe made with my new basil plant was this zucchini lasagne that I have been wanting to try for ages.  It was delicious! Even Corey liked it and he isn't a fan of anything carb free. Winning!

3 - Corey ran out of mayo this week but instead of buying some he asked me if I could make me some. Total proud wife moment right there.  Of course I obliged and he is loving his homemade mayo.  Another kitchen win!

4 - Another work colleague asked me to make them a rainbow cake this past weekend.  I can't help but smile when making this cake.  Even if I have to repeat "Roy G Biv" repeatedly to make sure I don't mess up the order of the colours.

5 - Cake is my major weakness in my quest to cut down on carbs & sugar.  This week I tested out this canellini bean brownie recipe and it was the perfect solution to my craving.  They don't taste exactly like brownies but they are pretty good.

6 - I completed the first row of hearts on my latest knitting project.  I was a bit worried that they weren't looking like hearts so I went to twitter and instagram for advice.  Luckily everyone else saw hearts!  I think I was just looking at them for way too long and my eyes were playing tricks on me.

7 & 8 - We had the chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine a few times last week.  The week prior was rainy and miserable so these days sitting in the sun did wonders for everyones moods.

9 - Isn't that the happiest pile of fabric you've ever seen?!  I have pulled out a bunch of fabric scraps to make myself a new picnic blanket.  I have been meaning to do this for quite some time.  After tidying my sewing room I realised how out of control my scraps are getting.  So now a few have been cleared and hopefully I will have a new quilt to share shortly.

So how has your week been? I hope there have been some happy moments for you all!  And don't forget if you are on instagram follow me @petticoatsandpeplums!

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