Friday, June 14, 2013

8 Months

I was pretty excited this month when I taught Imogen how to clap!  We spent a week singing "If Your Happy & You Know It" and by the end of the week she was clapping away.  Now it's her latest trick.  She claps for everyone.  Seriously, according to her I am a musical star.  Every time I sing she starts clapping.  It does wonders for your self esteem!  She has also started to say "mum mum" and "dada"  Now whenever you talk to her she tries to copy what you say.  Obviously its all just noises and grunts but you can tell she is trying to have a conversation.  I think we are going to have a little chatterbox on our hands.  We introduced Imogen to finger food this past month.  We started out with some steamed veges and then moved onto cheese sticks and sandwiches.  She is absolutely in love with vegemite sandwiches!  Every time Corey has one she steals most of it.  The poor boy can't eat a sandwich in peace these days.  She sure is a happy little vegemite :)


  1. What a happy smiley face she has too :-)

  2. They're getting bigger! Clapping just kills me everytime! Felix has started pointing at everything too, so sometimes confuses clapping with pointing... he ends up clapping his two pointy fingers together! x

    Great work Imogen, you're a sweetie!

  3. Mum mum and dada-- Ack! I can't wait for that! She is so sweet.


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