Tuesday, September 24, 2013

52 Weeks (38/52)

Ok people I am in a bit of shock this past week because I just realised that in two weeks tomorrow I will have a 1 year old.  If that isn't the craziest thought I have had all week then I don't know what is!  But here is what has been happening this last week.

1 - I love my job! I had the pleasure of assisting a bride with a surprise wedding elopement in our gorgeous dolphin cove venue.  How can you not enjoy working in a place like this?!

2 - A gorgeous friend spoilt me with these darling flowers last week.  Aren't they gorgeous?! They have lasted so well and I have been enjoying them brightening up my house.  Fresh flowers are the best!

3 - Last weekend we took Imogen to the strawberry farm for the first time to do some strawberry picking.  It was so much fun! Imogen absolutely demolished the strawberries that we picked.  They are her favourite food.  I think we will definitely be going back to do this again.

4 - I started a new sewing project this week.  This is the second piece of fabric that I have started making from my frocktails purchases.  I am hoping to have it finished this week so I can wear it to a bbq this Sunday.  Stay tuned for finished pictures next week.

5 - On Sunday we took my brother in law indoor rock climbing for his birthday.  It was so much fun! I got a little scared when I got too high though so I wasn't the greatest at it.  I have an epic bruise from where I slipped at one point.  It was totally worth it though!

6 - I finished my first sewing project from my frocktails stash this week too.  This mini skirt is my favourite item in my wardrobe at the moment.  It will be getting a lot of wear this summer! For more pics check out the full post here.

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