Wednesday, July 10, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (27/52)

OMG the last week went so fast! Even Corey was saying how quick it was going and it usually drags for him being at work.  It's like someone hit fast forward on the world.  No matter how quickly it went we did manage to squeeze some fun stuff into our days.

1 - Now we all know that food makes me happy!  This week I tried out my sister's bacon & red lentil soup.  It was delicious! Not as good as when she makes it though.  Do you ever find that things always taste better when someone else makes them for you?

2 - I also discovered the deliciousness that is chia pudding this week.  If you want a healthy sweet treat then you need to try this. I am a sucker for dessert and I have been using this as my healthy option.

3 - When I first gave Imogen avocado as a puree she hated it.  This week I decided to try again by making it into sandwiches.  She is loving it!  Unfortunately, I also discovered how good avo is on corn thins and have been eating all her avocados.  Woops!

4 - There is something about wrapping presents that makes me really happy! I love buying presents and wrapping them all pretty.  Unfortunately, this one was for a 4 year old boy who couldn't care less about my wrapping skills.  Oh well!

5 - I am so proud of myself this week.  I have been wanting to get out and start walking for ages and finally this week I started.  I went for a walk around a lake near our house Monday morning and this morning.  It is a great start to the morning and I am hoping I can keep my motivation up to keep going.

6 - I finally finished and shared my comic print top this week.  I have had the idea for this top in my head for a couple of months and I am so happy I finally got around to it.  The finished top is one of my favourite me made items in my wardrobe.

7, 8 & 9 - Last weekend we took Imogen on her first camping trip. I must say it was a raging success!  Luckily for us she is on mostly finger food now so feeding her was a lot easier.  We didn't have to worry about taking purees and being able to heat them up.  All we needed to take were bottles.  For breakfast Imogen had a vegemite scroll from the local bakery that was the same size as her head! But don't worry she didn't eat it all herself.  I think we will definitely be taking her on more camping trips in the future.

How was your week?  Did anything special happen to make you smile?

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