Tuesday, July 16, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (28/52)

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Here are a few snapshots of what has been making us happy this past week.

1 - I have been hitting the juices this week.  My favourite is still my usual apple, watermelon and ginger but I have seen a few recipes around for some green juices that I am going to try this week.

2 - I made my first ever custom order for my business.  I made 20m of hessian bunting for a client to be used in a photoshoot this past weekend.  If you would like anything custom made please feel free to pop over to my facebook page and pm me.

3 - Imogen has been pushing our coffee table around so we decided to buy her a walker.  Unfortunately, she thinks it is more fun to ride it like a bike.  Oh well! At least she is getting some enjoyment out of it.

4 - This is the best thing that happened this week!!! We got out invitation for my sisters wedding.  It is coming around so fast.  I am so excited!!!

5 - I finally got around to finishing a little pinterest project this week.  It looks so cute! I'm so glad I finally got my A into G and finished it.

6 - What could make you happier than going to visit your mum and being sent home with half a cake!  My sister and I have been talking about this cake she used to make when we were kids for ages so last week she made it and we got half a cake each.  Yum!!!

7 - Raspberry Chia Pudding! This stuff is amazing. This was my breakfast at our farmers market visit on the weekend but I am going to try and recreate it myself.

8 - Isn't Imogen the cutest gangster ever!  She is rocking out a beanie from my friends clothing label.  It was so adorable on her.  And perfect for the current cold snap!

9 - Good luck is heading our way! Corey found a four leaf clover in the front yard on the weekend so hopefully this will be bringing us some good luck soon.

How was your week? I hope there has been a few moments to make you smile!

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