Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ombre Dyed Shoes

I am on a pinterest project roll I tell ya!  This week I finished a project that I pinned rather recently.  Dip Dyed Shoes!  When we were out buying birthday presents last week I saw plain white sneakers in Kmart for $3.50.  How could I resist grabbing a pair at that price?  Luckily that shopping centre also had a little craft store so I was able to duck in and grab some dye at the same time.  I gave the shoes their first dye that afternoon.

Ombre Dyed Shoes

Now the original tutorial for these shoes uses a lighter coloured dye.  Being that I used a darker colour I ended up dying them twice.  The first go had a nice ombre look to it but they just weren't as dark as I wanted.  So this week I gave them another go and I am in love!

Ombre Dyed Shoes

I used a tall pot to dye these shoes so that I could fit both in at the same time.  That way I could make sure the colour changes were at the same place on each shoe.  My biggest tip though is be careful with the vaseline.  If it gets onto the canvas that point won't dye properly.  Apart from that this project was super easy!  I think I will need to make a yellow pair like in the tutorial for summer too.

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