Tuesday, January 22, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (3/52)

This week has been a busy week and a slow week all the same time.  We didn't leave the house very much at all but I had a lot to do around here.  I completely cleaned nearly every room in the house and tidied all my drawers.  It's sad how happy it makes me to have newly cleaned drawers and house.  But some more exciting things are also bringing me happiness this week.
happiness week 3
From top right clockwise -

1 - Pink explosion outfits.  I wore a vintage dress I picked up in Melbourne for a lunch date with my work friends.  I couldn't resist going all out on the pink front.  A perfect way to brighten any day!

2 - Learning new hairstyles with the help of lovely bloggers and their tutorials.

3 - Putting together a piece of ikea furniture all by myself without Corey's help for the first time ever!  And no tears or tantrums as well.  Plus the lovely red colour is added a pop of happy to our dining room.

4 - Saturday night dinner dates with my two favourite people.

5 - I love a bit of colour coordination so of course I had to wear my new blue dress to the baby shower on Sunday to match my giftbag.

6 - The first time Imogen has been for a swim and not cried.  She actually went for two swims that day and loved them both.  This gives me high hopes for her first swimming lesson on Wednesday.

So what has been making you happy this week?

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  1. You look so great in the dress and glasses, love those photos :)

    I laughed so much at the no tears/tantrums when building the piece of furniture haha I can so relate, next time I will do what you did and do by myself lol

    What is making me happy is just my friends xx


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