Monday, January 7, 2013

Melbourne Via Instagram

Oh Melbourne! I miss you already.  We arrived home last night from a wonderful week and a half in Melbourne with my sister and her fiance.  We had so much fun and it went way too fast.  Here is a quick roundup of what we got up to via my iphone. 

melbourne 1 

Imogen did so well on the flight down.  We fed her on take off and she fell asleep.  She woke up with about 40 minutes left of the flight and spent the rest of the time hanging out with Corey.  Once we got to my sister's house we just lazed about and waited for her to get home from work.  That night we went to this cute little restaurant in St Kilda that has games that you can play while your there.  We had a game on Uno over dinner which was super fun.

melbourne 2

Day two we ventured into the city for a bit of shopping and I just couldn't resist hunting out Tessuti Fabrics.  That shop is gorgeous and the staff were so lovely.  I could of hung out there all day but Corey and Imogen were getting a bit bored so we had to move on.  That night we met my sister and her fiance in the city and had dumplings for dinner. I love holiday food!

melbourne 3

Day 3 took us to Queen Victoria Markets.  On the way we drove past this random house that has Pamela Anderson's face plastered on it.  Apparently it was built by Sam Newman.  We also took a detour via The Block.  We loved this show so it was cool to see the houses in person.  Queen Vic Markets are a feast for the eyes. I loved the colour in these flowers and macarons.  I also couldn't go by a spinach & cheese borek.  Delicious!!!

melbourne 4

Day 4 we took a road trip out to the Yarra Valley.  The Yarra is such a gorgeous place.  We stopped in at a few wineries and did a few tastings before heading into this adorable little town for a wander around.  I love country towns!  They are so cute and fun to wander around and you always discover the greatest little treasures.

melbourne 5

New Years Eve we hit up Brunswick Street during the day and I did a spot of shopping.  Brunswick Street is my favourite shopping spot in Melbourne.  There are so many cute shops and a heap of vintage.  Needless to say I bought a few too many things.  That evening we had a few drinks and some nibbles at home before venturing down to the park where we had a great view of the city skyline to watch the fireworks.  The fireworks from the city were amazing! A great first fireworks experience for Imogen.

melbourne 6 

New Years Day is the Hanging Rock Raceday so we took a trip out to watch the races.  It was a fun afternoon and a great setting.  It was all a little too tiring for Imogen who crashed out when we got home.  I also got to start my 365 diary that I bought on sale from Kikki.K.  I am hoping I can write in this everyday this year.  7 days in I am doing well so fingers crossed I can keep it up.

melbourne 7

The next day we decided to have a slow day and start with a sleep in.  Then we ventured into St Kilda (which is where my sister lives) for some lunch and a wander along the beach.  That night we went to the Queen Victoria Night Markets.  The night markets are so much different to the day markets.  It is more unique crafty type markets with a few vintage stalls thrown in.  Then there is a massive food section and live music.  So everyone goes for the night for dinner and a few drinks and to watch the music.  It's a great idea and the perfect way to spend a summer night.  I had the most epic monster pancake in the whole world!  The literally use a bottomless cake pan as a mould to make the pancakes. They are giant and delicious! I think I need to recreate these at home somehow.

melbourne 8

The next day we popped down to Brighton Beach for a swim and to check out the beach huts.  The huts are so super cute!  I love all the different colour schemes that people have chosen.  I would love to own one just so I could repaint it every summer. 

melbourne 9 

Friday was so ridiculously hot it was unbelievable!  We went into the city and spent ages roaming around Myer in the air con.  We also checked out their Christmas windows which were super cute but not at all what I was expecting.  We also saw this busker in the city who was playing a piano.  How the hell did he manage to get a piano into Queen Street???  I would love to know.

melbourne 10 

On Saturday we took another road trip.  This time we ventured out to Red Hill to visit the markets.  The markets were giant and loads of fun.  Afterwards we headed down to Portsea to go to the beach and have some lunch at the pub.  We walked in to see that Daryl Braithwaite was playing that afternoon so we hung around to watch.  It is actually the second time I have seen Daryl play.  It was loads of fun and the crowd when crazy when he sung horses.  

melbourne 11 

The last day in Melbourne was bittersweet.  We slept late, had a late brunch and hung around St Kilda. We got free ice cream in the park from Ben & Jerry's and then headed off to the airport.  It was a bit of a bummer to go home but it was loads of fun to spend time with my sister.  I just wish we could have stayed longer!


  1. We totally could of met up and fabric shopped together as I had time off too. You look like you had a fabulous time.

    1. Aww bummer! I actually totally forgot you were in Melbourne. Next time I will put a call out for anyone who wants to catch up. I was going to do that this year but I thought with Christmas everyone would be too busy.

  2. looks like you had a lovely time, you photos are wonderful. I love Melbourne, I wish I had a relative the lived there so I could go down whenever I liked :)

    Imogen is just adorable!!

    Brooke x

    1. Melbourne is awesome! I love going down there but I need to remember to go down with an empty suitcase next time to accomodate all my shopping :)

  3. Aaaw, beautiful pics of you all!

  4. Wow what a great time all of you had exploring Melbourne I loved seeing all of the places you went and visited. Your little girl is so very cute and growing so much. Happy New Year Kat.

  5. Looks like such a fun little trip! I would love to go back to Melbourne with M and explore. The last time I was there I was about seven!!! And oh my... you have a baby!!! :) I remember reading your pregnancy post but that must have been the last one since I dropped off the face of the blogging world. What a little sweetie. seriously Kat, shes very sweet!! :)

  6. Great photos!! I'm heading to Melbourne with my best friend soon so I will use your post as a reference!

  7. Okay, your blog is absolutely perfect! I just adore all of these pictures!! Isn't instagram the best? :)
    xo TJ


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