Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Looking Back on 2012

At the start of last year I set myself a few goals that I was hoping to achieve. Unfortunately, not all of these were completed but considering a chunk of my year there was no crafting due to morning sickness and then having a new baby I am very pleased with what I did manage to complete. Here is a quick look at my resolutions from 2012 and how I did.

The view of Woolgoolga beach over my 37 week pregnant belly.

Visit A New Part of Australia
While we didn't visit Perth or the Great Ocean Road this task did get accomplished. We visited Woolgoolga for the weekend in September to celebrate the 40th anniversary since my dad's family moved over from South Africa. More recently when we were in Melbourne we took a few road trips and visited the Yarra Valley, Red Hill & Portsea. I would still really like to see Perth and would also love to visit Tasmania so who knows maybe we will do one of those this year.

Gorgeous flowers in Eumundi on our weekend stay in Noosa.

Plan Some Weekends Away
Another tick here although we didn't do as many weekends away as I would have liked. We did a quick trip to Melbourne in March to celebrate my sisters birthday, another weekend to Woolgoolga in September as mentioned above and a weekend trip to Noosa for the Queens Birthday weekend. I love getting away for the weekend. It is always nice to get out of the house for a few days and do something different.

Sew 30 Items
Unfortunately, I didn't manage to sew 30 items this year but I did manage to make 23 items which I am quite surprised about. I didn't think I would get that close to my goal given I spent a lot of the year not sewing. I was also surprised because I thought most of my completed items would be for Imogen's nursery but I actually managed to make myself quite a few things as well. I think my favourite item's of the year were my sailor pants and my 70s summer dress.

2012 sewing 1 2012 sewing 2 2012 sewing 3 2012 sewing 4

Knit 15 Items
Fail! I only managed 5 items this year but I found my interest in knitting waning a little as my obsession with crochet takes over. I am pretty happy with the items that I did make though. My favourites would have to be the teddy bear and red cape I made for Imogen. I can't wait till winter so she can wear her cape!

2012 knitting

Knit A Garment For Myself
This was an epic failure. I didn't even start knitting myself a garment. I did however buy the yarn to make myself a cardigan and found the pattern I want to use so now I just need to make it. Hopefully I will get it made before this winter.

Crochet 15 Items
Done! I really got into the crochet this year. I find it a lot faster than knitting so it has become my preferred craft. I find it a lot easier to crochet softies than to knit them and also assembly seems to be a lot quicker. As you can tell there are 3 projects not included in the above. That is because baby brain made me forget to photograph them. One was a brain sucker I made for a friend at work, another was a blue version of the owl rattles for my mums friend and the last was a phone cover that is so basic it is not even worth photographing.

2012 crochet

Read 52 Books
I was really hoping I would get this one this year but again I didn't manage to reach it. In 2011 I managed to read 35 books but this year I managed 46. So even though I didn't reach my goal of 52 I did manage to beat my 2011 amount so I am pretty happy about that. I really like reading but sometimes I have to remind myself to read. I currently have a stack of books sitting on my dresser that I have borrowed or recently bought. I'm not sure how long it will take me to get through them but I am looking forward to reading them all.

Sew 10 Vintage Patterns
This was a massive fail! I didn't sew any vintage patterns this year at all. I did, however, buy a lot. I have quite the collection now and I have ideas for all of them so I am looking forward to making them this year. The good news is my first item for 2013 that I am halfway through making is from a vintage pattern so I am starting of the year well.

Exercise 3 Times A Week
Another fail! We never got back into exercising regularly after Christmas and New Year and just as we did get back into it morning sickness hit and didn't leave for 3 months. I attempted gyming a couple of times while pregnant but I just didn't have the motivation. We have started back a few weeks before Christmas and have been going well but I am easing myself back into it. 12 months of not exercising really wrecks your stamina. That first trip back to the gym was a killer!

Make Our House Feel Like A Home
I am giving this item a big tick! I love the way our house looks now that we have decorated a bit and put our own little touches on it. I am especially in love with Imogen's room. This year I would really like to give my sewing room a big clean out and finish decorating our bedroom.

This year I have decided not to do any resolutions and just focus on my 101 in 1001 list instead. There is one project that I have joined in for this year though and that is A Year of Giving which was thought up by Lilac Saloon. I am really looking forward to doing this this year. January's theme is comfort and I know what I am going to make I just have to do it. We are only 8 days into January so there is plenty of time for you to join in too if you like. Pop over here to read more.

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  1. Kat, you've managed to do so much! I would struggle to do that big a list sans morning sickness and a baby as cute as Imogen. She'd be so distracting, I'd be staring at her all day x


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