Tuesday, March 12, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (10/52)

There are a few main things making me happy this week -

1 - Baking! I love to bake and I am always happy being in the kitchen.  This week I made healthy banana muffins and baked a chocolate cake which I turned into a cow print cake for my niece's birthday.

2 - Sewing! I am loving getting bake into sewing this year.  Last year was a bit of a bust on the sewing front due to my pregnancy.  This year I have really gotten back into it and I am so glad that I have.  It's so satisfying seeing completed projects that I have made myself.  This week I finished a lemon print skirt (post to come), my tessuti competition fabric arrived and I finished my Sew for Victory project.  Hopefully the weather is good this week so I can get some pictures to share.

3 - Family! Watching these two together brings me so much pleasure.  They are so cute to watch together.  Imogen is a massive daddy's girl and Corey is so sweet with her.  He is an amazing father!  The start of the NRL season gave me an opportunity to get Imogen into her roosters jersey that my aunty bought her.  I had to send this pic to my aunties and uncles as they are massive roosters fans.  My cousin's gorgeous girlfriend gave birth to the most perfect little boy last week.  They named him Max Joseph Smith and he is adorable.  I can't wait to watch him and Imogen grow up together.

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