Tuesday, March 19, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (11/52)

I am really needing a little bit of happy today so looking back on the photos from the past week has been doing me some good.  You know how you have those days where everything feels shit?! I am having one of those today.  But enough of the complaining and onto the happy....

I think my formula for happy is becoming really obvious each week.  It involves lots of baking, sewing and family with a few other things thrown in.

1 - Going to mummy's group is one of my favourite days of the week.  I love watching Imogen interact with the other babies especially now that they are all getting their personalities.  And having a group of mum's to vent to and to help you realise you are not going crazy is a great help to a first time mum.

2 - I did a bit more baking this week.  I love baking and baking while wearing a pretty apron is even better!  This week I made banoffee pie to celebrate Pi Day (post to come tomorrow) and my sisters engagement party cake.  Both were delicious and I am so happy with how they turned out.

3 - I started sewing my Tessuti Competition dress this week.  I really need to get a wriggle on with it.  I am thinking I will dedicate tomorrow to working on it.

4 - This new vintage dress is the happiest thing in my wardrobe.  The yellow floral just screams summer and sunshine to me and the button back is to die for!

5 - I finally cast off my green cardigan! It is currently blocking and hopefully will be ready for photos tomorrow.  I have been plugging away on this cardigan for a few months but I was determined to make it my first successful garment for myself.  I usually only make myself hats and scarves so this is making me very happy.  I already have plans for my next knitted garment!

6 - Happy flowers!  Yellow flowers just scream happiness to me.  If I am every in a downer just bring me some yellow flowers and I will perk back up again.  They are so pretty and cheery!

So what has been making you happy this week?

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