Tuesday, March 5, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (9/52)

Last week I forgot to say a massive thank you to everyone who commented on my post about Roxy.  The lovely blogging community I am a part of makes me extremely happy and it was so nice to read all your comments.  It brought a little smile in a rough week.  God I love our little blog world!  So onto this week and what a few little bits of happiness...

1 - Happiness is receiving my business cards! They are so pretty and I can't wait to hand a few out.  I even did my first quote this week for a party.

2 - Happiness is this little ladies face whenever you put food in front of her! This week we tried some carrots.  She loved them!

3 - Happiness is being able to get advice over twitter from some lovely sewing bloggers on my Sew for Victory project.  I love this little community I am a part of!

4 - Happiness is having these two back home.  FYI my sister may be less than happy I put this pic on here but I couldn't resist.

5 - Happiness is making the most out of rainy days by having a full day playing games.  We played articulate, game of life, the london game and scrabble. It was awesome! I usually struggle to get people to play board games with me.  They just aren't as into them as I am!

6 - Happiness is having some time to relax and knit and dream of the country cottage I hope to own in the future.

7 - Happiness is this combination of colours! Doesn't it just scream happy. It is going to be Imogen's sewing dares dress.  I have found a pattern and printed it so this is next on the list of things to sew.  Behind my sew for victory projects and my sewing dares dress and my mad men dress. Better get cracking!!!

8 - Happiness is being able to fit into more of my vintage dresses again!  Only 6 more dresses in the wardrobe that are slightly too small.  Hopefully it won't be long till I am back into them too.

9 - Happiness is watching these two have a chat for the first time.  Imogen and my cousin Hugh have met once before but this is the first time they have really interacted.  It was super cute to watch!

So what has been happening in your world this week?  I hope it has been a happy one for you all.

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  1. Hey Kat I so wanna do this what EXACTALLY do I do write 7 things that made me happy that week and post them on my blog? I know I'd be behind but better late then never right?


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