Wednesday, August 24, 2011

101 in 1001 - 1 Year Left!

19Today is the beginning of my last year of my 101 in 1001. I can't believe I wrote this list nearly 2 years ago. When I wrote it I never thought I would keep going with it for this long but I have and I am glad I have. I thought it would be fun to see what I have accomplished in the past 636 days.

Tasks Accomplished

1 - Be More Active
2 - Give Blood

Give Blood

3 - Go To The Dentist For A Check Up
4 - Get Prescription Sunglasses
6 - Move Our Of Home
8 - Be More Confident
11 - Get Engaged
12 - Take A Multi Vitamin Everyday For A Month
16 - Graduate Uni
17 - Get A Full Time Job In Events
19 - Watch the whole 1st season of True Blood
22 - Read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series
23 - See A Musical

Lion King

24 - Go To Paris
25 - See Snow in real life
26 - Have a snowball fight
27 - Make snow angels
28 - Go to Italy
29 - Get a new passport
30 - Go to London
32 - Buy a new car
35 - Learn to sew knit fabrics
36 - Sew a pair of pants/shorts

New Look 6252

39 - Make a quilt
41 - Learn how to make ice cream
45 - Make a fondant decorated cake

Popcorn Cake

46 - Hold a dinner party
48 - Make bread from scratch
49 - Make Corey breakfast in bed
50 - Develop my personal style
52 - Be happy with my hair
53 - Spend a day op shopping
54 - Learn to braid my hair
55 - Paint my nails every day for 2 weeks
56 - Learn how to curl my hair with rollers
57 - Take photos of my outfits everyday for a month and put them on my blog
58 - Buy a real vintage dress

Going to the Oscars

60 - Buy a tripod
62 - Buy photoshop
67 - Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
68 - Do the 30 day letter challenge
69 - Spend a whole weekend without the internet
71 - Buy a clear umbrella
73 - Roast marshmallows over a proper fire
80 - Have a colour coordinated Christmas tree
81 - Get professional photos taken with Corey
84 - Go to the science museum

Science Museum Day

86 - Have a proper picnic with Corey
88 - Go to a Gold Coast Blaze game
93 - Go to Wintersun
94 - Go to Greazefest
96 - Start a journal
97 - Learn to crochet
98 - Try stamp carving
99 - Try embroidery

Marlee's Wall Embroidery

101 - Make 10 items from my Ravelry queue

So that is everything I have completed so far! It is a lot more than I realised. I have worked out that if I complete 1 item every 8 days I will be all done by this time next year. I really hope I can finish everything but there are a few things on my list that I am a bit concerned about so they might not get done. We'll see!


  1. Wow! Great job!! You've got so much done!! I should really take a look at what I've done in total...cause I don't think I have that many completed. Gulp! Your list made me realize that I should really bust my arse and get a move on with my goals!

    Keep up the great work Kat! :)

  2. Heellloooo!! It's so good to be back! Goodness me, you have done an excellent job doing all those things on your list. I absolutely adore that photo of you in the 1950s dress. It's gorrrrrgeous, you should wear it every day. haha.

    Oooo I see you're getting married! Congrats! Are you making your wedding dress?

  3. Wow Kat, you really have achieved heaps and such varied things too! What a great idea!

  4. you want to start on my list now?

  5. Oh wow! You are killing it Kat! :) All while planning and diy-crafting a wedding. You are a super woman! I'm so impressed at all the travelling you've done. You go girl! :DDD

  6. Laughing my ass off at your head on a plate!!

  7. Way to go!!! I love this, just checked out your list and I'm sure you'll have no problem finishing in time. I should probably create a list of my probably won't be 101 things though! Congrats on your progress!


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