Monday, August 15, 2011

Birdcage Wishing Well

Do you remember this birdcage that I bought from Big W?

Wishing Well Birdcage Before

Probably not because I think I only posted it on my old blog. Anyways, I bought it to use as our wishing well for our wedding because it fits in perfectly with our lovebirds theme. It only cost me $30 from Big W and all it needed was a coat of white paint. All the other birdcages I looked at buying where $70 or more. So I went to Bunnings and bought myself a can of spray paint gave it a coat or two and a piece of ribbon and here is the finished product....


It's pretty simple but I like it that way. I thought of adding some more stuff to it but I thought it would just get too busy. This way it will just blend in nicely to our theme. I am not too fond of the whole wishing well idea but since we have been living together for a while it makes sense to do it. I am really starting to get these wedding projects crossed off the list. I got a few more done over the weekend that I will share this week so stay tuned!


  1. it looks fab. I especially love the pink ribbon!

  2. Hi Kat! Thanks for stopping by my blog! This birdcage looks great, what a great wedding prop! Regarding the jewelry displays... I really need something for my brooches too, let me know if you come up with something! :)

  3. Hey Kat,
    My sister just had her wedding, she had a lovebird them as well, her w.w looks similar to yours. One thing we found out on the day was the bigger cards didn't fit unless the ribbon got damaged, so you may want to consider moving it up or down, or do nothing at all. :)
    Kat ( all the whimsical things)


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