Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No. 75 - Enter A Craft or Cooking Competition

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while but have not been confident enough to do. Finally I decided to just suck it up and enter something into the Gold Coast Show Homecrafts Competition.

Enter A Craft Competition

I chose to compete in the Needlecraft section in section 36 - A sleeveless vest for a toddler or infant.

Little Mister Vest

Needles: 4mm straights
Wool: Holiday 8 ply in Navy
Start/Finish Date: 3.8.11 - 23.8.11

Little Mister Vest

I am really happy with how this turned out. It was actually pretty fast to knit up and would have taken be less time if I didn't stop for a week and a bit between knitting the front piece and knitting the back piece.

Little Mister Vest

Corey asked me what I am going to do with it after the show. I can't decide whether to give it to someone as a gift or whether to keep it for the futures. I think it would look super cute one day on our future son with a white collared shirt underneath. I think I might have to keep it!


  1. Wow, how cute is this!?! I think you should hold on to it for a while too ;o)

  2. How lovely! Knitting looks so hard. All that fancy cable knit looks ultra complicated. One day I'll learn!

  3. Definitely keep it! Good luck! (Are all show categories so specific??)

  4. HMMM love it

    can i buy some wool

    its perfect for my little guy

  5. This looks SO adorable! I say keep it for your future son, it's just too sweet to give away! Good luck with the competition! :)


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