Monday, May 14, 2012

Garterbelts & Gasoline

Not last weekend but the weekend before Mum, Dad, Corey and I ventured up Mount Tamborine for the Garterbelts & Gasoline festival.  This was my first time visiting this festival and it was loads of fun.  There was everything a a rockabilly/vintage festival should have cars, markets, music and gorgeous vintage fashions.  Here are some photos I took of the day.

I didn't get any photos of my outfit because I wasn't feeling particularly vintage.  I have just grown out of my last 50s dress so I was a bit bummed out.  I did however still spend some time on my hair and makeup.  I used this tutorial for my hair.  I also got to pop into my favourite vintage store, Kitty's Vintage Kitsch, for a little visit and catch up with Celia.  It was lovely to visit again and I am hoping to pop up again once we find out the gender of the baby and see if I can find any vintage treasures to use in Squishy's room.  We have been having some fun weekend adventures lately which I am really enjoying.  I can't wait till the end of the year when we can start taking some family adventures with Squishy.


  1. You're safe until Squishy is about 8 months old, after that it's all GO GO GO, lol!!

  2. Looked like so much fun the Zombie and eyelash cars made me laugh. That's a bummer that your dress won't fit.

  3. Looks like a fun festival! My husband drives classic cars so I've been to many car shows but this looks like it had more to it. I would've loved to see the trailers! Looks like a beautiful day too :)

  4. How fun! Those cars look just amazing. I may be a feminine gal but I love a good old car!

  5. wow, this looks like so much fun! some of those cars are just too perfect!!!
    xo TJ


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