Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Bump(y)

Baby Bump Week 19

The Good

  • Being absolutely spoilt on Mother's Day by my darling husband.
  • Spending a wonderful Mother's Day with my mummy.
  • The final countdown to finding our Squishy's gender (this Friday...yay!!!)
  • The cooler weather. Winter is my favourite season!

The Bad

  • Continuing back pain. The doctor says it is in my joint so there is not a lot I can do except take it easy.
  • My major fail at footy tipping this week. Luckily everyone had a bad round so I still have a chance of clawing my way up to the top.
  • The weirdo noises my car has started making. I think it's time for a visit to the mechanics.

The Bump

Baby Bump Week 19

19 weeks and I finally feel like I am starting to look pregnant.  A few people have told me I have popped this past week.  I am getting a bit more comfortable with it now too and realised that when I was trying to hide it I was just making myself look bigger.  So I have embraced the bump and am dressing to show it off.  The annoying thing about looking pregnant is that everyone now feels the need to touch my stomach.  I don't mind with people I know but sometimes it gets rather annoying.  Oh well, I guess everyone is just excited so I can't complain too much.


  1. How exciting! I totally think you should start embracing the belly!

  2. You look great - I'm so excited for you to find out that Floyd is a boy! Hope your back feels better. My sister in law wore a tshirt during her pregnancies that says 'Hands off the bump!'

    Sarah xxx

  3. Your belly is so cute!!

    When I was pregnant I had worn a lot of baby-doll shaped shirts and dresses, but even when I wore form-fitting tee shirts I still didn't look pregnant from the front. It wasn't until you looked at me from the side that you could kinda tell. I think people just thought I was really fat. But I did get a lot of people randomly touch my belly, and it got extremely annoying towards the end. Hopefully it won't go too far for you! :)

  4. baby bump! yay! you look fantastic! haha, the bump and the actual baby will forever get touched and oohed-ahhed over while at the grocery store:-) xoxo


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