Monday, May 28, 2012

The Good, The Bad & The Bump(y)

Baby Bump Week 21 

 The Good:
  • Baking! I have been craving baking lately which means new recipes and yummy food are taking over our kitchen.
  • Squishy's cot & change table that Corey put together on the weekend.
  • Planning colour schemes and decorations for Squishy's room.
  • Working my way through my over flowing yarn stash with projects for Squishy.
The Bad:
  • Not having enough yarn in my stash to make myself a cardigan.
  • Pregnancy hormones making my emotions crazy!!!
  • Cold tile floors. I love winter but our tiled floors are freezing in the mornings. I need to invest in some slippers.
The Bump:

Baby Bump Week 21

Here we are at 21 weeks. This weekend Corey put together the cot and change table that we have had on lay by. Now I can finally start decorating and making stuff for Squishy's room.  We bought some fabric last week that I am going to make a quilt with.  I did some googling and decided on a pattern last night now I just have to get started.  I want to make a quilt and some matching sheets for the cot and a cot skirt.  Luckily I have quite a bit of time still so as long as I get started soon I should be right.


  1. You look amazing. From reading your post, it's not going to bad - all the goods cancel out all the bads. Stay warm lady!

  2. Have you made 'my' fudge yet?? Dying to see your work on this!! Wow you're really popping out now, even since I saw you a few weeks ago-but don't stress about putting on weight, I found that if you're worried enough about it, it simply won't happen. Look at me, I'm fine and I was 13 years older than you.xx.


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