Tuesday, April 16, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (15/52)

Oh what a week! For some reason this week I have been so exhausted.  Nothing major has been happening I just feel really lethargic.  There have been a few early nights which have helped but I am still getting back to normal.  Here are a few things that have been helping to keep me motivated this week.

1 - Imogen's half birthday celebrations were loads of fun! I really love organising events so I can make an event out of anything.  This was a great night and I had a lot of fun creating the celebration for Imogen.

2 - I finally got a chance to use my mason jars. There is nothing happier than a drink in a mason jar with a pretty striped straw!

3 - I got my hair done again.  This is the second lot of foils I have had in the process from going from red to blonde.  I am slowly getting there and I really like the way it looks at the moment.

4 - I finally got around to mending a few dresses in my mending pile.  I am aiming to have my mending pile complete by the end of the month so this was a good jump in progress.

5 - I got to take one of my newly altered dresses out for its first outing on the weekend.  It was the perfect outfit to brighten up a rainy day!

6 - I tried out the navaho knitting method for the first time which was a lot of fun.  I now have loads of ideas to use up some of the yarn in my stash using this method.

7 - And to top off the project I made using the navaho method I made myself a giant pom pom.  What could be more fun than a giant pom pom!

So what has been keeping you happy this week?


  1. Going back to work must be tiring. I did two hours last week after six weeks off with a broken ankle and was exhausted! After a year...

    1. Oh no I'm not back yet! That's what makes it wired that I'm so tired. Imagine when I do go back...

  2. Sewing has been keeping me happy this week :) But I am in desperate need of a hair cut!!

  3. That's so cute! My family celebrates half birthdays too :)
    And I just love that picture of the 3 dresses together. What a great combo of patterns!

    1. I've been told this is the only half birthday I'm allowed to celebrate.


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