Wednesday, April 24, 2013

52 Weeks Happy (16/52)

1 - Happy Mail! I was lucky enough to "adopt" these patterns over on twitter a little while ago. I totally forgot about them so when they arrived this week it was a lovely surprise.

2 - I tried out a new knitting technique and made myself a super cute and warm hat for this winter.  I love learning new knitting techniques!  The navaho method has opened up millions of ideas for me!

3 - Onesie pyjamas rule! I was so happy to be able to crack out my onesie this week.  I bought it while I was pregnant and this is the first chance I have had to wear it. It is so warm for winter!

4 - I discovered a delicious new combination this week. I had porridge with honey & goji berries for lunch one day and it was amazing!  I had it again the next day and added some grated green apple. Yum!

5 - On the weekend we headed out to a local kustom kraft market and my mum bought me fairy floss. I love fairy floss and it's even tastier when your mum buys it for you!

6 - I finally got around to finishing my Mad Men Dress and I am so happy with how it turned out.  How can this colour not make you happy!

7 - Pinterest win! I tried out one of the recipes on my cooking board and it was a massive success.  I realised I had pinned 129 recipes and only made 20 so I am aiming to start making at least one a week from now on.

8 & 9 - Sewing for Imogen makes me happy!  It is so quick and satisfying.  This week is Kids Clothes Week and there will be lot more sewing for Imogen to come.


  1. Was that the Kustom Kraft market at Mount Tamborine? I had a stall at the Sandgate Kustom Kraft last year, such a cool market!

  2. I need to pick up my needles again I think. Though I'm not really all that good at the moment, I just need to spend some time properly learning the techniques (and figuring out how to read a knitting pattern...that might be useful...)


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