Thursday, April 11, 2013

6 Months

Our little pumpkin has officially been with us for half a year. Half a year! Can you believe it.  I think I have seen the biggest transformation this past month.  It's really obvious now that she isn't that squishy little baby anymore.  Now she has a real personality and is becoming a real little person.  This past month she has started moving non stop.  She doesn't crawl yet but she can push up onto her knees and when they slide out from her she ends up going backwards.  So with her backwards sliding and rolling she is hard to keep track of now.  She is well and truly exploring the house!  As you can see from the picture she can also sit up now.  I must say she thinks she is pretty clever!  Our other big event for the past month was that Imogen graduated baby swimming lessons.  Starting next week she will be in the B1 classes.  She is doing really really well!  She can hold her breath underwater for 2 seconds.  When we first started she would scream for the whole lesson. Now, 11 weeks on, she spends the whole class laughing and smiling and only cries when we leave.  I am so proud of her progress!  She really is growing up.

Because I am a crazy event coordinator mother we had a little celebration for Imogen's half birthday.  My family came around for dinner, there were hats, balloons, bunting and cake.  It was a lot of fun!  We even bought Imogen a little present (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Pop Up Book).  This will be the only half birthday Miss Imogen gets.  I'm not that over the top!


  1. Ah? It's over the top to organize a half birthday for a six month old? Wish someone had informed me of that sooner!
    I'm as guilty as you are... ;-)
    Seriously: Happy Half-Birthday, Imogen! :-)



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