Monday, April 29, 2013

Baking Without Sugar

Yes folks, you read right. I have been baking without sugar.  Without going on too long my dad read the book Sweet Poison a couple of years ago and decided to cut out sugar and managed to lose a heap of weight. Like over 30kgs.  So after having Imogen I started a similar diet to help me lose the baby weight.  It worked well but I am not coping well with the no sugar thing.  I love sugar!  Well actually the problem is I love cake and cake has sugar in it so I have been trying to find recipes to make that use healthy sugar alternatives.  I have been using stevia in my tea and was going to bake with it but last week I saw the Sweet Poison author on Sunrise who said the best alternative for sugar in baking is dextrose.  Apparently dextrose is the healthy part of sugar and gets burned off quickly rather than being turned into fat.  So when I found this recipe I decided to give it a go with the dextrose.

Apple Chunk Banana Bread

You can find the recipe by simple following this link.  It calls for sucanat or sugar.  I used dextrose which is slightly less sweet than sugar so I used a bit more than was called for.  If you were to use stevia you would use less than is called for as it is quite sweet.  You could probably also use honey in place of the sugar and just use the same amount.  I also used oat flour instead of whole wheat flour.  This is super easy to make by just blitzing some rolled oats in the food processor.

So have any of you every baked anything without sugar?  Do you have any healthy dessert recipes that you can share with me?

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  1. You can use xylitol or erythritol instead of sugar. They are sweet, very low cal without the same affect as sugar on the body. You can get them from health food stores.


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